Thursday, November 4, 2010

Battle Report: Deathwing v. Arrugginiti CSM (p.2)

Seize Ground / Pitched Battle. The Darkest of Angels take the first turn.

I deployed both Rhinos and Typhus on the left in cover, with the Raptors lingering with menace just a bit further afield. The plan, ahem, was to swamp the left side of the table and work back toward the middle as the reserves arrived. I was counting on the Obliterators and the Vindicator to harass the relatively open middle and the Possessed to thin any possible threat on the right with their accursed power weapons.

The Early Turns:
As one might expect, the Dark Angels sped forward along either flank. Although I was expecting exactly this tactic, I was still rather vexed by how quickly they seemed to get there. I don’t know if this was bad maths on my part, or incredible pace on Roberto’s. Either way, the Dark Angels seemed to close instantly. Belial pitched up on the Arrugginiti left flank and the Chaplain worked his way up the right. With the Land Raider and Dreads bracketing the middle, the Chaos Marines were going to have more trouble than I presumed reaching the center and leftmost objectives.

On the left, all the loyalists who were able and disposed to do so took a pot shot at Typhus, who simply shrugged by way of reply. Without any good opportunities, the Land Raider insta-killed an Obliterator, while the Bikes on the right absolutely minced the Vindicator (as mentioned Monday, this poor fellow has never seen round two in any of my games v. Roberto Vo5. Alas). I expected that.

The Arruginiti answered with mostly ineffectual shooting, and invariably found themselves just out of reach for assault with one exception: the leftmost squad of Plague Marines jumped out in a brave attempt to muss the DA Bikers who controlled the flank, but found themselves completely bogged down despite the helpful assistance of a power fist. The Obliterators did ping a Lascannon off the Land Raider, but it seemed a hollow consolation. I was hoping for a more potent opening gesture.

On the left once more, a gaggle of wildly brave Scouts charged and badgered a wound off of Typhus ...and suffered only one in return, which was simply astonishing. Belial charged the Raptors that had missed their opportunity to assault by just a half inch in the previous turn, and wiped them from the table.

On the right, the Possessed were immediately forced to vacate the smoldering ruins of their Rhino and then to suffer a hailstorm of shooting. Only one fell to the onslaught, which softened the otherwise abrasive first two DA turns.
The Arrugginiti Terminators appeared from thin air to plug the gaping hole left by the unfortunate Raptors, and put a wound on both Belial and another hapless marine with some really quite aggressive and improbable shooting.

Typhus, to his credit, rediscovered his stride and crushed the remaining Scouts beneath his heel. Any other outcome would have been humiliating.

On the right, the Possessed choked on a truly pathetic difficult terrain role in order to miss another otherwise beautiful opportunity to assault, and landed themselves dead-to-rights directly in front of some mean hombres.

The Middle Turns:
Another unit of DA Terminators teleported into the Arrugginiti backfield (well away from any objective, but in prime position to give it to the remaining Plague Marines that had finally sifted through the DA Bikers in the Arrugginiti left), and this confirmed my impression of how things were going thus far. If Rob could basically allot these guys cleanup duty, I could gather that he wasn’t particularly fearful for the outcome of the game -despite my schemes and wishful thinking. 

The Land Raider immobilized the Plague Marine Rhino in the middle, ensuring that the infested ones would have to get out and walk across a veritable shooting gallery if they hoped to make themselves relevant in this game. 

Belial and his minions once more charged the targets that had so kindly presented themselves. I was expecting a grand confrontation of Terminator v Terminator glory. These are, quite simply, the kind of matchups I live for. Instead, Belial and his boys wiped the Chaos Terminators from the table without so much as a scratch on their sacred paintjobs. That combat was just astonishingly one-sided and I won’t make the mistake of underestimating Belial again. 

Not to be outdone, the Chaplain on the right waded through the remaining Possessed Marines who had gotten themselves stuck in the mud. And so, the Deathwing had secured the right objective with an effortlessness that genuinely made me wince. Oh Fate!

Back on the left, the Daemon Prince arrived too late to add his force to the equation, but placed himself in position to threaten at least one objective all the same.

Typhus, incensed, charged into Belial and finally made a showing of it for the Arrugginiti by killing off the wretch and his minions in two rounds of combat. Finally, Belial was stopped, and in a classic matchup no less.

One squad of Summoned Lesser Daemons also appeared from thin air, but were pressed into ignoble service as “meat shields” for the potentially scoring unit of Plague Marines walking up the middle of the table. They were immediately sent back to the warp after suffering a tremendous round of shooting. The same scenario would play itself out yet again with the second squad of SLDs on the very next turn –this time with the help of the freshly disembarked DA Terminators who perhaps felt professionally obligated to lend a hand to the proceedings. Thanks for coming, lads. 

The Dark Angels had little to do. They continued to pick targets as they presented themselves and threw their extra weight into harassing engagements, as with the Bikers that charged my Obliterators on the hill –really just to bog them down. 

Nevertheless, it was a maddening scramble forward for all remaining Arrugginiti.

The Daemon Prince found his way to the landing platform and gobbled up a squad of Scouts but, again, it was an empty gesture. Sure, he contested the objective, but as the sun set on the battlefield, the Deathwing stood in undeniably good standings –with clear control over the rightmost objective, and de facto control over the middle objective (if the game went another turn, the Terminators, Land Raider, and unpresuming Dreadnought would make short work of the Plague Marines contesting –no doubt), leaving only the overpowered Daemon Prince sitting near an objective he was too noble to properly claim.

Mercifully, the game ended there. The Arrugginiti staggered off the field, hats in hand, with vows of vengeance come christmas. 


sonsoftaurus said...

The Arrugginiti are going to steal Christmas? The FIENDS!

Loquacious said...

That's unbelievably gorgeous terrain. Plus stellar models. *boggle*

Big Jim said...

Thems the breaks. I sure am looking forward to an Arrugginiti victory, they are due!

I really enjoy your battle reports, from the great terrain to the fully painted fantastic looking minis!


Brian said...

@ Sons. If they could, they would.

@ Loquacious. Thank you, kindly.

@ Big Jim. I know. I know. Still, it's a poor workman that blames his tools. Thanks for the support mate.