Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Game : Color

So. Blicks -my local art emporium- has a tremendous sale on at the moment -50% off all items not already on sale. For a consumer (sucker) like me, this is the ideal rationalization for a larger purchase that I wouldn’t make on just any given Monday.

One small step for backward for the bank account, one giant leap forward for my hobby experience. Behold: the airbrush. Now all I have to do is learn how to use the bloody thing. Misadventures to follow.

To that end, I’m also using this opportunity to expand my paint range. Since my earliest experience with painting miniatures, I’ve tended to work almost exclusively with Gw’s paints. This was the symptom in part of a kind of practical fecklessness –a deep and stubborn flaw. I read about GW paints. I learned GW paints. I used GW paints because I’d learned how to use them. And repeat. It’s a kind of semi-vicious cycle.

Now, recently I sold off a heap of hobby stuff at a FLGS auction (you might remember that I gave away the rest for the banner contest at about the same time), and I’ve “earned” a chunk of store credit that I’d like to direct toward improving and streamlining my hobby experience. Got paint?

I still feel a quite sincere attachment to GW’s Foundation Range, and Devlan Mud might be one of the better inventions since I first put paint to brush; however, I’ve landed with an opportunity to expand my paint horizon and I full intend to do so.
In the mean time, I’m pleased to report that I actually managed a game yesterday in the moments that were otherwise meant for posting the above. Priorities. 

The action was furious (if not always fast) with some exceedingly class matchups that pitted Dr. Dakkasteef's Teeftotallers vs. Space Wolves, and then a second round of bedlam with Space Wolves vs. Thousand Sons... on the Sin of Alacrity no less.

I won't bother apologizing for the belated post again, but offer you instead a morsel of the proceedings.

More on the morrow. 


Eltnot said...

Good luck on the airbrushing. I only just acquired one myself and now also have to learn how to use the darn thing. Make sure to brush up on how clean it properly.

You can find a nice series of articles here by voyager:

Nesbet said...

Some months ago, a friend bought the Vallejo Model Air Basic Airbrush Small Set (a Harder & Steenbeck Ultra 2638 Airbrush + 10 vallejo paints) for only 27L at Maelstromgames. What? Yeah right, 27 pounds, misstyping FTW. I couldn't make it, to purchase one of those while the price was 27 and not 72 pounds ¬¬

Now, you bought an airbrush and "some" vallejo paints, paying only the half of the cost!! You are a lucky lucky guy, you know?

Damnit, why does everyone seen to have such opportunities. I want such a cheap airbrush too!!! xD LOL

Congratulations for your new tool and paints, I hope to see your learning progress soon! ;D

Loquacious said...

Woohoo on the paint. You'll soon learn to love those dropper bottles.

oni said...

Man, everyone is jumping on the airbrush wagon. :P

Looking forward to the 'misadventures'.

Brian said...

@ Eltnot. Thanks for the link. I was just considering a post requesting some recommendations in this specific area. You've beaten me to it. Thanks again. and good luck with your airbrush. I'd be curious to hear about your experiences.

@ Nesbet. I've been waiting a very long time for this opportunity. I was once told by a very great man that if I kept my powder dry the world would turn. I'm not sure what that means, but I offer it to you now as a kind of consolation.

@ Loquacious. It's a big step for me, a bit like reinventing the wheel.

@ Oni. Cheers. I suspect that there'll be plenty.

Nesbet said...

"Just keep your powder dry and your pecker hard, and the world will turn."

Damn you Platon xD

Let's wait for your adventures with your brand new airbrush! Cheers!