Monday, November 1, 2010

State of the Blog and Batrep Intro (p.1)

Well. It was bound to happen at some point. After roughly 40 weeks of posting, I’ve finally hit that week in which, tragically, nothing hobby happened (June holiday not included). Indeed. It’s both sad and true. That menacing beast we all know as real life backed me across the bridge and said, “That’ll do, donkey. That’ll do.”

So. No WIP post yesterday because I have absolutely no work in which I’ve progressed. In fact, I’ve been doing quite well to manage the hasty posts I have these past few weeks. The shame of it. The horror.

All that’s meant to change quite soon. November is a new month with some big prospects in the pipeline. I have glimpsed a lightened burden in the weeks ahead, and by this coming weekend I expect to be stumbling forward once more in true gentlemanly fashion. I won’t be in proper stride until December, but I don’t anticipate any weeks quite like these last few either. Fingers crossed.

Today. I would like to thank you for your patience in these lamentably busy days, and offer an older, half-conceived post from a few months back to sooth the transition back to productivity.

I’ll see you Wednesday for the full, brand new report on an old(ish) confrontation as the Arrugginiti CSM run face first into Roberto Vo5’s Deathwing. I’ve been interested for some time in the Deathwing, as the regular reader will have certainly noted my fondness for all things terminator.  I’ve also been quite interested in the groupthink declamation that Deathwing is not a potent force in the modern metagame (cough, cough).

Here’s a brief outline of what the Arrugginiti brought to the table, and how they deployed on the day:

Typhus: looking mean.
Daemon Prince: wings, in reserve, also mean.

Possessed: magic number, in Rhino, power weapons (result! I was feeling pretty good about these boys after seeing that one), right flank.
Terminators: six of, x2 combi-melta, Autocannon, x2pw, very angry, but in reserve.

Raptors: eight of, melta, pw. behind cover, middle edge.

Plague Marines: seven of, in Rhino. (x2).
Summoned Lesser Daemons: ten, (x2). Let’s be candid, I was making up points with models I had on hand.

Obliterators: three of, dominating fire lanes in the center.
Vindicator: to round out the edges. In all my confrontations with Roberto Vo5, the Vindicator has not even glimpsed turn two. Would today be different? In a word, no. Right flank.

And here’s a very brief outline of how the Deathwing did what the Deathwing does best:

Belial: with a cohort of Terminator, Loyalist (but potent) scum.
Chaplain: also accompanied by a cohort of Terminator reprobates.

Terminators: a-go-go, stuffed into a Land Raider.
Terminators: aplenty, in reserve.

Dreads: x2, one venerable.
Bikers: three of, melta (x2)
Attack Bike: combi melta
Land Speeder: HB

Scouts: five well-intentioned souls (x2).

The Dark Angels rolled a six to see who goes first. The Arrugginiti rolled a one. Oh, groupthink. When will we learn. See you Wednesday for a brand new old battle report.


The Inner Geek said...

I'm just glad I'm not the only one infected with the real life plague. So many things I want to work on and so little time to even read a blog or two and post a comment. If I could just shoe-horn another two or three hours into my day.

Big Jim said...

Dude, I feel ya! I too have had a serious case of real life. Combined with starting over in the painting department I feel like I am treading water with a weight tied around my ankles.

Other than a few fleeting moments to work on rules writing my hobby time has been squashed.

Things do seem to be lightening up, I have been working on the first replacement model for the Soul Reapers today. I should have him posted up in the morning!

I look forward to Wed, and you getting your hobby time back!


Gonewild40k said...

Wow, I sure can relate! I'm just cutting my teeth with this hobby, painting, converting, building...and just plain learning the game. I don't have enough time in the day to accomplish all of those things to my level of satisfaction!

Be that as it may, I wouldn't trade my real life for anything! I have a great job, and am blessed with a great wife and a baby girl.

Rushputin said...

I don't think anyone should have to apologize for real life cutting back on their hobby time or hobby blogging time.

As to the Deathwing: I think they can hold their own against Traitor Marines. They can hold their own against a lot of armies... but have trouble with newer armies (:coughImperialGuardcough:). I took a full Deathwing army to 'Ard Boyz this year (NINE SQUADS OF TERMINATORS BOO-YAH)... and I might as well not have bothered showing up.

Papa JJ said...

I'm happy you foresee things lightening up for you in due time, although I must say your "hasty" posts are hardly lacking any of the usual brilliance featured here. If this is filler, I say give me more! I look forward to the upcoming battle report, that was a very enjoyable review of the army lists.

Papa JJ: one of, thankful for such a wonderful blog, also in reserve. : ) Take care, b.!

Brian said...

Cheers for the support fellas. While I take no cheer in "real life" misadventures of others, I do take comfort knowing that it's not just me.

@ Rush. I'm having trouble commenting on your site for some reason, but I wanted to thank you for the nod. Also, I think you've hit the CSM v. DA nail on the head. I got stuffed, as you will see from today's post.

@ JJ. ... not so much filler, but I did post late several times last month and even skipped two posts entirely. the shame of it.