Sunday, November 7, 2010

WIP: AdeptiCon Table One

Short post today. Not too much happening yet although I can see the work burden is starting to lessen ever so slightly –which has allowed me the opportunity to say this: we started to prime the first table for AdeptiCon.

The entire getup looks dreadful at this point, of course, and to a certain extent, it’s meant to. We started with white primer to help illuminate all of those miniscule details that are calling for attention but which can’t be seen in the normal humdrum of table construction. And surely, we’ve found more than a few places that require additional attention. Good thing we’ve started early.

In that sense, this is a kind of false progress. While I am chomping at the bit to start painting in the proper sense, this step is really about finding those carpentry and construction moments that still require a stern talking to.

And to that end, there’s an odd secondary psychological effect that this glaring white color has had on my impression of the table. No doubt you will agree. While initially, it looked rather claustrophobic to me, it now appears “wide open," too open in fact. The whole chunk suddenly looks very deserted and expansive. I’m curious to see what happens in the coming weeks when we start to paint it in earnest, and hope that a proper black basecoat will close those walls inward once more. I want claustrophobia.

You’ll note that we didn’t prime two detail areas of rock and gravel because the cooler autumn temperatures here in Chicago have slowed the drying time for the glue and we wanted to be sure that it was well-and-truly set before moving forward.  For the easily confused, I should note that the photos below are from just before we set to priming. Regardless, I want to tinker a bit more on these quirky focal points before I consider them proper and ready. 

The rocks need to be touched up with some wood filler yet, then sanded and carved some more, then glued a bit, then stared at mercilessly. I’ve a bit more experience on details of this nature and feel more comfortable pushing forward. Having said that, I have the creeping sense that the detailing of these tables will never end. 


Big Jim said...

Well to address the openness of it all, I can already imagine the rooms and hall cluttered with all manor of crates or heavy equipment.

I am sure in the end it will be just fine and gloriously claustrophobic!


Loquacious said...

I think the white gives you a lot of "room" to find the things you want to work on. It looks breathtaking and I can't wait to see it as it progresses.

How did you prime, anyway? It's like 20 here- my primer actually refused to spray this weekend.

sonsoftaurus said...

Cool, good to keep seeing progress. Keep plugging at it; it's really come a long way since you started, don't worry about details, it will all come!

Derina said...

How about the big heaters builders use to help dry the table?

Brian said...

@ Big Jim. I'm brainstorming solutions for those crates and detritus, etc. We should have a chat about this sometime in the reasonably near future.

@ Loquacious. Chicago wasn't so bad over the weekend, and it's positively balmy today. When the winter sets in properly, we'll be moving into the garage and hoping for the best.

@ Sons. Cheers mate.

@ Derina. I'm hoping Tall Paul either has one, or knows a guy...

The Independent Characters said...

I am signed up for Fridays event at Adepticon and good lord after looking at this work I can HARDLY WAIT!

Once again you have proven yourself a master of Killzone terrain building sir!

Brian said...

@ The IC. Thank you kindly. We've got a long way to go, but this prototype has helped us think through many of the problems a project like this presents. Again, I'm looking forward to meeting you on Friday, and thanks again for the support.