Sunday, November 28, 2010

WIP: even god rested on sunday

There's not a lot to report this week, as the holiday eclipsed most of what might otherwise have passed for hobby time. I am a glutton for gluttony (you heard it here first), and every other spare hobby moment was directed to that other project that I keep mentioning only to tell you that I'll not be talking about it.

Well. I'm nearly finished with that one, so I can continue at length not to talk about it.
I entertain myself sometimes.

I have made the modest effort to revisit yet another Team for my Killzone collection. These fellows will be part of my Rogue Trader Team, which I'm assembling from all  over the show, including the random pieces and parts that I've had tucked under the sofa for years and years (and some of whom, I suppose, aren't exactly RT). 

The front two are from Space Crusade, while the one in the back hails from the classic armor series and has been suited with a very odd jump pack. At the end of the day, these three hapless cards will join the two fellows you may remember from the photo above. 

Slowly but slowly. Slowly but slowly.


Heretic said...

Those marines are looking very nice, smoove. I never knew old school models looked that different. They look like they could be a nasty kill team. Good luck

Porky said...

Wow! So many years down the line and there they are, casual as you like. There's magic in those slight imperfections in form. It's good to see them again.

Loquacious said...

You're an easily entertained fellow, then, eh?

I love those bottom Marines. So cool.

Home Of Cadaver said...

Ah, Space Crusade! The reason I jumped into Warhammer in the first place! Love the bloody effect on the first marine!

The Dark Templar said...

Top left marine is one of my favourite Rogue Trader guys (there will deffo be a Dark Templar remake of this guy at some point)!

Your enthusiasm and ability to accommodate such high quality, multiple projects is awe inspiring! Good to see things going so well B

Brian said...

@ Heretic. Thanks. I'm not sure when everything began to gel into the form it has now, but I think Jes Goodwin had something to do with it. The Rogue Trader stuff is... quirky.

@ Porky. It caught me off guard as well.

@ Loquacious. Extremely.

@ Mihalis. Thank you. I have the blood technique under "recipe" on the right column if you'd like to check it out.

@ Dark Templar. Thank you kindly. I can't wait to see how you re-imagine that fellow. He's a favorite of mine as well, to be sure. Thank you also for the kind words. It's been a bit more challenging than usual these last two months, but this kind of feedback helps make it worthwhile.
Cheers mate. oh, and it's great to have you back!