Monday, November 22, 2010


I neglected to mention three irons that I have in the fire in yesterday’s post “Irons in the Fire” -funny how that happens. This week, I’m going to pick up one of those threads and explore it in a bit more detail.

With all the hullaballoo surrounding Special Operations: Killzone, I’ve let myself get a swept away in a flurry of hobby housekeeping -what with all the old models I’ve had under the sofa, in the basement, half finished on a shelf somewhere.

Here’s just such an example: I bought the kit for this Sentinel many, many moons ago, assembled most of it, but got distracted with some other urgent task (which was almost certainly usurped by some other urgent task, and so on). This happens to me more often than I’m pleased to admit.

But Behold! Once more, KZ has given me the opportunity to breathe new life into a stagnant project; I've quite eagerly resuscitated this limping Sentinel in order to make it the centerpiece of a new band of IG hooligans. Those hooligans will be the subject of Wednesday’s post, with the last link in the chain appearing for Friday. Stay tuned.

The Sentinel was accomplished in an extremely hasty manner: I primed it, then sprayed it with a dark green, then a lighter green (much more lightly this time) from Army Painter’s military range. I washed it with Devlan, and then drybrushed it once more before hitting the Boltgun Metal then wash then highlight.

At the last moment, I also decided to try out the weathering powders for my second time.  They say it's better the second time. They say you get to do the weird stuff... ahem. I’m still a total rook when it comes to these powders, but I’m learning (see last week’s theme). He’s not finished just yet, obviously, but in all I think he’s not too bad for an afternoon’s work.

Oh, one last note. The “rocks” on the base are insulation board that I need to hack and shape a bit with wood filler before the final pass. Still, so far so good.


Papa JJ said...

I'm very impressed with the number and diversity of Killzone teams you're quickly amassing. Very nice work on the Sentinel, looks like an afternoon well spent!

Loquacious said...

So pretty- I love the basing and the wonderful approach to color you take on this guy.

Blitzspear said...

Very nice, hope my sentinal comes out as good as yours. Unless it gets usurped by more pressing matters, it's a common complant lol

Brian said...

@ Pappa JJ. Thank you, kindly. It was indeed, and I hope to have quite a few more of a similar nature in the coming weeks.

@ Loquacious. Cheers.

@ Blitzspear. Thanks. Total solidarity on the "pressing matters" issue. I'm ashamed of how often this happens to me, but pleased to know I'm not alone.