Sunday, November 21, 2010

WIP: Irons in the Fire

Although still very much “in progress,” I’m tremendously pleased to finally have something that represents genuine movement forward on the hobby front.

The first photo is a test piece for my “make it new” Dark Eldar Kill Team in progress. This first Wyche is very much a rough, rough draft, but in all I found some moments that I quite like in the process. The armor is a brand new effort; I was trying to build toward a vibrant red metallic, which was more complex than I originally imagined. While I’ve not actually achieved the effect that I intended, I still found some new ideas about how to manage my metallics. At the end of the day, the recipe is too unwieldy and particular, but I hope to refine and to improve upon it with successive efforts.

Both the hair and the skin are much more vibrant than I would normally attempt. I’ve enjoyed looking at the almost “day-glo” colors in the codex, and I thought that I might really push my accent color toward the ridiculous. Likewise, the skin takes Dwarf Flesh as its base, where normally I would start with Dark and Tanned Flesh. I was inspired by the vibrant skin tones Big Jim (from Galaxy in Flames, as if you didn't know) has created with his reincarnation of the Soul Reapers. I really like the way Jim’s skin resonate with light, and hope to recreate some of that magik for my DE. Having said that, I’m not there yet and, in future efforts, I intend to use this as my excuse to push into an entirely new range of paints.

For his part, Gutgrope has been very patient, as have his merry band of thugs. Slowly but slowly.

The Runtherder and cattle are fun. Once upon a time, I’d have felt obligated to create some elaborate, fluffy rationale for how I might fold these into my collection. No longer. As I’ve mentioned previously, Killzone has freed me from that burden and I can now paint as I like. These grots will be an integral (and astonishingly inexpensive) part of my third (final?) Ork Warband. I’ve got two or three more models to assemble, then all the Warbands will be fully wysiwyg-ed and operational. How about that.

And then there’s this guy. This is Claudius from the very good people over at Gorgon Studios. I've awarded this model to myself as a little guilty pleasure to paint. Eventually, he will lead one of the much-delayed Romans that have been shuffling around my workspace for months and months –proving once more that Rome was not built in a day. 

Salve Citizens. See you tomorrow. 


Unknown said...

Your wyche is looking great! Nice smooth skin-tones on your orks as well.

Papa JJ said...

The wyche looks very striking, great work! I really like the hair and the color of her armor, the palette comes together quite nicely on your test mini. I'm happy to learn your hobby gears are moving again. Best wishes!

Big Jim said...

I am loving the reddish copper that you used on the wyche, Outstanding!

Brian said...

@ Ricalope. Thanks! The skin tones actually have a ways to go yet -two highlights, a wash, and another highight. I hope you'll like the finished product as well.

@ Pappa JJ. Thank you. It feels very, very good to be back.

@ Big Jim. Funnily enough, the cog started turning on that one after our discussion of your own green metallic technique. So I owe you yet another one...

AbusePuppy said...

Gonna add that your Wych is looking quite nice- I really like the hair, it jumped out at me.

Claudius is looking nice, too, although it may be just me loving that model. It's always good to have something on the far back burner to relax with a bit when you need to.

Circus of Paint said...

I love how your Wych test model has tunred out - and not because its pretty much the same colour scheme I'm doing as well. :p Both the red and the blue look really grand. :)

Brian said...

@ Abuse Puppy. Thanks. The new DE range is much, much more compelling than I had anticipated.

@ Mister Feral. Great minds.