Sunday, November 14, 2010

WIP: It’s On

I’ve come back to the hobby in what can only be described as a “full frontal” capacity.

With the time I have at my disposal, I’ve been trying to wysiwyg my Ork Warbands for Killzone; this includes five new Nob conversions, with an entirely new model for Gutgrope Grotshank and another soon-to-be-named personality that just appeared as I was assembling good ole Gutgrope. There’ll be more on these monsters later in the week, but here you can see a quick peak at the progress of the rusty bits.

Of course, there’s more. I’m also knee-deep in two other Killzone Teams of the distinctly human variety, the table for AdeptiCon (you may have see it laying around the site), and the other super-secret project that I’m not talking about (even now).

That’s a lot of irons in the proverbial fire.

For their part, Games Workshop has been kind enough to throw one more on the stack. Although I promised myself to go slowly, to finish what’s on my plate before moving forward, to practice a modicum of self-control, to appeal exclusively to my own sense and reason... I broke down last night and started a group of Dark Eldar Wyches. I couldn’t help it. I’ve been reading the codex in the spare moments I’ve had between life and the above,  and the siren's call was more subtle than my resolve.

The following may sound pathetically fan-boyish, but it’s true nonetheless: I genuinely cannot remember the last codex I enjoyed reading as much as this one. In fact, I can’t remember the last codex that I actually read, or even wanted to read, from cover to cover. There. I said it. Perhaps I’m getting soft.

As for the Wyches, I haven’t had this much fun assembling a model since the Venerable Dreadnought (here and here) I pounded together back in April for the Onorevoli. I feel obligated to note that this is not base hyperbole. I have genuinely enjoyed assembling this kit, and I have  likewise surprised myself when I raise my head to find that I am plodding one inevitable footfall after the other toward Comorragh.

But no. I’d like to think this has more to do with the quality of the product than the poverty of my resolve. The models are just wondrously dynamic, the options are ample and clever, and the models look really, really cool …and they are going to be a challenge to paint.

S3 T3 indeed.


Unknown said...

Great stuff, I am refusing to even go near the boxes of Dark Eldar it's way to tempting!

Gotthammer said...

Putting DE together now, and they are wonderful kits and I agree - really fun!
I have a Warrior, Wych, Raider and Reaver box open all at once so I can swap parts around with them.

Brian said...

@ Munky. It's a slippery slope, I should warn you.

@ Goth. That's a brilliant idea. There's a lot to be said for those kinds of simple, clean conversions. I imagine that you can create some quite interesting and characterful models -as well as some great themes for units, etc. Nice one.