Thursday, November 25, 2010

WIP: KZ IG (p.2), and Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving! ...and Thank You, gentle readers, for your fine contributions and comforting appreciation of what happens here on A Gentleman’s Ones. On that note, I’d like to single out two particular instances that deserve a bit more gratitude.

-I absolutely must thank both Brent (Not Brent) and Loquacious for their very kind words and consideration over on the House of Paincakes. You are too good to me.

-I’m also quite flattered to have made FTW’s Tuesday Top Ten this week. Cheers Ryan, you are entirely too kind.

Also. Killzone at AdeptiCon! You may have heard. At the time of typing, there are only 5 spots left for the second session on Friday and a mere 3 spots left on Sunday. That's 66 slots booked. Not bad for an event that’s still over four months away. It’s going to be a good un.

and now the post:

These eleven Catachans represent the (still very much in progress) core of my newest Special Operations Team. They were inspired, as much of my follies in Killzone, by some old models that I had lumped into a box in the basement. I’ve always enjoyed these old metals (moreso for some reason than the plastic version, I don’t understand why), but never found a proper home for them –particularly I have neither time nor models for a full army... as such, they wallowed.

So these fine fellows got a dip in the soylent green and a new look. I wanted to move away from the standard Catachan green or camo and red combination. Instead, I took the opportunity to experiment some more with Army Painter’s military range and work up a few quick layers of brown over black primer to achieve a very, very fast and reasonably useful look. Of course, I built the layer up one or two more shades of tan before the compulsory Devlan Wash. Not bad.

Initially, I wanted these guys to stay limited exclusively black and tan; in the end, however, they began to look both too washed out and too Desert Storm, which was not at all my intention. And so, I broke down and hit them with the red accent color. I mulled over this for ages and ages, but just couldn’t find another color that would have suited them for the accent. And so, red.

I believe in serendipity and, in the end, the red gave me a fine idea for the final component for the Team. More on him tomorrow.


Da Masta Cheef said...

You like the older metal scuplts because they're better than the newer plastic ones! The plastic ones look so bulked out as to almost be cartoonish (though they did tone that back down with the new Catachan command sq.).

Circus of Paint said...

The old metal sculpts were better proportioned I think, and the poses aren't odd like the first set of plastics.

Anyway, good choice with the brown fatigues instead of the traditional green. :)

Warhammer39999 said...

Damn man, just how many kill teams do you have now?

Oh, and P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

Loquacious said...

You're more than welcome. And as Brent says, we can't bear not to appreciate your greatness.

I appreciate those brown guys pre-paint. I always wondered how the Army Painter stuff worked out, looks pretty good.

Papa JJ said...

Ah... such fond memories. I painted a relatively small army of metal Catachans for my brother many years ago. Oddly enough they featured a very similar paint scheme to the one you choose for your own guys. Of course mine did not look anywhere near as good, though. Very nice work so far!

Brian said...

@ Da Masta Cheef. I laughed out loud when I read that comment.

@ Mister Feral. Agreed. Cheers.

@ WH 39.9K. Cheers. I'm not sure how many I have at the moment, but I can say that none of them are finished. Speaking of...

@ Loquacious. Cheers again. As I've said, you are entirely too kind to me.

@ Pappa JJ. And here I thought I was being modestly original. ha.

Papa JJ said...

I would not worry about it as you bring to mind the words of Terence, "Nullum est iam dictum quod non dictum sit prius," but, uh... about painting miniatures, you see. At least in this case you were not shown up by a Golden Daemon winner which recently happened to me. I'm going to put together something for my blog to illustrate my chagrin (all in good humor though), but for a preview take a look at this guy from the last Games Day in Germany:

Brian said...

@ JJ. There is no justice.