Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Killzone Cards

As we put the final touches together on the Killzone official update (I'm not sure what to call it other than official update, actually; I know that gamma comes after beta in the alphabet, but does anyone refer to the next installment as the "gamma"?), there are a few strands that require some particular attention.

Killzone Cards (which are an entirely optional bonus) are a fine example of the aforementioned strands. The way we've imagined it, there will be two basic paths: Secondary Objectives Cards and Fate Cards. I can't upload the cards as I've created them just yet, but the images here are a quick peek at the artwork that inspired them.

Fate Cards give you a small boon in the action of a particular turn. This is designed to represent that dramatic hollywood feat of improbability or pure, jammy luck. Here's an example:

FLESH WOUND: The moment you play this card, one model may re-roll all failed armor saves for an entire phase. You may only re-roll any given result once –so this card may not be used to re-re-roll a failed result, and so on.

This card remains active only for the one phase in which it is revealed; however, it may be revealed at any point in the game.

Secondary Objective Cards are designed to be kept secret and revealed only at the end of the game. In this manner, the mimic the clandestine and covert nature of a Special Operations Group. Here's an example:

TRAITOR: There is an important sleeper agent within the enemy team’s ranks. You must still complete your Team’s primary Mission as normal, but you are also interested in keeping the Traitor alive for future activation.

Secretly identify and record one enemy model, other than the Team Leader. This model is the Traitor.

If the Traitor survives the game you gain an extra 10 Mission Points; if this model dies during the game the enemy gains 5 Mission Points for having removed the viper in their ranks. If the Traitor leaves the table, is somehow captured, or is alive when its Team fails a break test to end the game, he counts as a survivor.

Here's where you come in. I'm looking for one (just one) more Secondary Objective idea in the vein of what you see above. Of course, I'll take suggestions on any that fit the bill -Fate or Secondary Objective- but I'm particularly keen on one more good idea for an Objective that can be kept secret until the end of the game... 


fester said...

Software Developers would call it either:
Beta 2
or RC1 (Release Candidate 1)

As for an idea...
"Bullet Time"
This card can be played during any phase.
If played in your turn, a chosen model may reroll all misses and failed wounds from any attacks made(shooting or close combat).
If played in the opponents turn, all successful hits and wounds on the chosen model must be rerolled.

fester said...

Ah crap, just realised you are only looking for a 2ndary Objective idea.
I'm out!

Brian said...

Never fear, my good man. I'm looking for ideas in general, but I'm also looking for a secondary objective idea with a bit more urgency...

Much obliged.

Loquacious said...

This is such a fabulous idea! I have nothing to add save for praise, I regret.

Matthias said...

Oh man - I am going to regret missing the last couple of Monday night gaming sessions. Would have loved to brainstorm more ideas.

Really looking forward to giving these a try - I think they will be a fantastic addition to the game and the AdeptiCon event.

Ghengis Vaughn said...

How about this?

Field Test

R&D has been working on an advanced weapon for agents in the feild and has decided to let you give one of the first working prototypes a test run. Be careful though, you break it you buy it!

Select one (1) ranged weapon. This weapon will be upgraded in one of 3 ways (roll a d6 to determine the attribute):

1-2) +1 to STR
3-4) +1 to BS
5-6) +6" to range

In addition to the attribute above it also gains the special rule "Gets HOT!"

If the weapon survives the encounter you get an additional 10 victory points. If the weapon is somehow lost( I.E. your controlling model is killed/destroyed or a "weapon destroyed" roll removes it from play) your opponent receives 5 victory points. The weapon also counts as being destroyed if the controlling model is forced off the table (it was dropped in the tall grass while beating a hasty retreat)

Elbrun said...

-Secondary Objective-

Select one model who has made a wager with another in your killteam. This model must survive the mission, and have the most kills or captures during the mission.

If the model completes his wager gain 10 Mission Points. If the model leaves the table, is somehow captured, or fails to have the highest number of kills (or captures) the enemy gains 5 Mission Points.

Sidney Roundwood said...


I love the cards idea. Here’s my suggestion for your secondary objective. It might need a tweak for certain Codexes, like IG, Orks, Nids and Necrons, but hopefully works for Marines, CSM, Eldar and DEldar.

“Through the smoke and the darkness you glimpse the scarred face of an ancient foe, remembered by you as a despoiler of your family’s proud history and wealth. As you stare across the battlefield, you vow a silent revenge. His death will be secondary only to your primary purpose in battle this day. Killing your ancient family foe will gain you 10 Mission Points.”

Porky said...

For another secondary objective you could simply turn TRAITOR on its head.


A mutinous subordinate is fomenting rebellion in the ranks. / A bitter rival has emerged within your own ranks. The individual must not be allowed to bring his / her plans to fruition.

Secretly nominate and record one friendly model other than the Team Leader He / she is the Mutineer / Rival.

If the Mutineer / Rival dies during the game you gain an extra 10 Mission Points; if this model survives the game the enemy gains 5 Mission Points for having left the thorn in your side. If the Mutineer / Rival leaves the table, is somehow captured, or is alive when its Team fails a break test to end the game, he /she counts as a survivor.

Ref Pitman said...

There should be some way to kill the traitor in your own squad. Maybe something like the ability to declare your intention to kill a model in your own group that you believe is a traitor, but once declared all of the models in its squad must shoot and assault the designated traitor model on that turn (regardless if the model is actually a traitor or mistakenly believed to be a traitor). Once a traitor is declared, the opposing side can either keep silent (thus never revealing the truth) or the opposing side can confirm and roll on the behalf of the traitor. Just a thought.

LukeLicens said...

Reverse Engineering

Command has issued orders to recover a specific piece of enemy wargear for further study.

Secretly identify and record one enemy model carrying non-standard equipment other than the team leader.

This model must be either killed in the assault phase, or captured. If so, you gain an extra 10 mission points for returning with the wargear intact. If the model leaves the table, is alive when its Team fails a break test to end the game, or is killed in the shooting or movement phase the enemy gains 5 mission points, as the wargear is destroyed or otherwise kept from your grimy clutches.

Brian said...

Wow. Thank you everyone for the quick and compelling responses. These are tremendous ideas and although I only have one slot left for the current edition, we anticipate designing a variety of amendments and supplements for these cards. Please keep an eye out, as I can guarantee that all of these ideas will appear in some manner down the road. Thank you very much.

@ Loquacious. Thank you.

@ Matt. It's never too late. There'll be more of these cards as we move forward, and a revised (perhaps entirely new) set specifically for AdeptiCon. 4 months and counting...

@ Ghengis -I like it. but there's one catch. The player wouldn't be able to keep it secret until the end of the game. Still, it's a great.

@ Elburn. I really like this dynamic -as you'll want to get the model stuck in for kills, but hesitant in case he gets killed himself. That creates a very clever kind of tug-and-pull. Cheers.

@ Sidney Roundwood. Thank you kindly. Funnily enough, this idea is remarkably similar to one we have, titled "Vendetta." Great minds think alike, I believe.

@ Porky. This is a compelling idea that will certainly appear in a future draft in some manner. The only trick is creating a mechanism that keeps the controlling player -an Ork, say- from nominating his lowly Grot for the firing squad. There has to be a trick to making the mutineer valuable and also anonymous.

@ Ref. You salty dog. We will absolutely have to keep the possibility open that you may shoot, or assault, your own models if you feel they're up to no good. In fact, I envision a terrible moment of "double bluff" in which you try to get your enemy to kill his own guys for you by not taking an obvious shot... so interesting.

@ Luke. This is golden. Keep an eye on the new release of Killzone.

Ghengis Vaughn said...

OOOOH you want it a secret, I'm with you now. How about this:

Secret Missive

You have been instructed to get a very important document to a very important person. According to intelligence reports this particular stretch of land has the least amount of enemy patrols. Using a small scale confrontation as a distraction your orders are to get across enemy lines and deliver the document to the sleeper agent.

Nominate one character in your group to be the document runner. You must get this character off the board via your opponent’s table edge.

You receive 10 points for making it across the table in one piece. Your opponent gets 5 for killing the runner before he gets to his destination.

As for making Porky's idea work could the mutineer be determined via a random dice roll (excluding the leader)?

Porky said...

@ b.smoove & Ghengis Vaughn

I hadn't really thought about potential mismatches in value, and a larger cost range does make a mockery of the idea. I think the dice roll is a reasonable option, but would have to made at the end of the battle if it is to remain secret, but this would then assume that the friendly team leader doesn't know who the troublemaker is either. The dice roll could also be tricky depending on team size.

The best resolution I can think of is to say that the cost of the mutineer / rival has to be above 10 points, or alternatively at least double the value of the lowest cost in the team.

Peter Ball said...

Delta follows gamma. Wiki has an article, with the letters in a box on the right.

Brian said...

@ Ghengis. Haha. nice one. A version of this mission absolutely will appear in the newest ruleset. Thanks for the help.

@ Porky. That's a great, clear solution -a simple stipulation on the value of the model to determine who is eligible. I like it.

@ MrP. Cheers.