Friday, December 10, 2010

Killzone Covers

Slowly but slowly the Killzone overhaul is coming along. Today, I figured out how to save the whole mess in a form that would then allow me to upload the images to blogger. 

Karitas and Menzies deserve tremendous credit for conceiving the visual end of this project; however in recent weeks, much of the formatting and imaging has landed on my lap (to be candid, I found myself in the middle of the opportunity when "real life" knee-capped the others). In his indomitable yet humble way, Karitas put a really professional edge on the Beta ruleset, and both he and Menzies have incredible skill with image manipulation and graphics. Alas, I lack that latent skill, but try to compensate in other bloody-minded ways. So. I've tried to match the professional and slick look established at the precedent, while pitching an unmistakable, perhaps gentlemanly, tone to the whole affair. Here's a peek at a cover or two and a small glimpse inside.

But it's time for a quick confession. Two weeks ago I didn't have the foggiest notion of how to accomplish any of this. Thank god for intuitive programming. 

Well. That's neither here nor there. The goods are nearly finished. We need only sort and format the Errata, and then this monster will be back in your hands... glorious.

One more note -I saw Brent recently post that he had reached his allotted space for images on blogger. After the tremendous response for the question I asked in the last post, I thought I might try my hand again. Surely, I'm crowding the personal space of whatever limit blogger has allowed for one quiet, blushing blog like this one. What can one do about that without losing content? 


Zanazaz said...

It looks very professional. What program was used for the layout?

sonsoftaurus said...

Looks great! I especially like the folder look for the missions pack.

Loquacious said...

They look beautiful!

Matthias said...

If you need some webspace to host images or PDFs - just say the word.

The overhaul is looking great!

Atreyu@4:44 said...

Blogger has a limit on image space? Uh oh. I put up a 5 megapixel picture for just about every paragraph!

Warhammer39999 said...

I started to leave a comment about the space issues, but it turned out to be pretty beastly, so I'm just converting it to a post (that goes live on my site on Monday).

Basically, you're looking pretty good, since you already compress your pictures. How much space are you using now?

Brian said...

@ Zanazaz. I've been trying to learn Adobe Illustrator with only some modest progress. In conjunction, however, I've also been working with Apple's iWork Pages. It's almost too easy.

@ Sons. Cheers mate.

@ Loquacious. Thank you.

@ Matt. You are too kind. Perhaps we can have a brief chat about this problem tomorrow.

@ Atreyu. I know. I know. It was news to me as well.

@ WH39.9K. Funny you should mention that. I'm sending you that email here in a little bit, but you will also find the contents here on the blog for this week's theme. You are a good man. Cheers.

Papa JJ said...

Looking great, I'm excited to see more of what you and the other members of the Killzone crew have put together. Lovely work on these preview images!