Friday, December 31, 2010

Onorevoli v. Iron Warriors mini batrep

Happy New Year, one and all. I hope and trust that you will celebrate in a gentlemanly and salubrious manner.

Apologies for the quality of these photos. They were taken last night during the battle and leave much to be desired. Normally in these circumstances, I would use these photos as both model and guide for “historical reenactment” photos, but today is quite bleak here in Chicago, and the lighting won’t help the situation one bit. So it goes.

Perhaps the atmosphere of the photos matches the tone of the conflict more accurately than I would initially like to admit. Last night was our first proper battle of 40K in a very, very long time. We selected a simple 1500 points and just lined up for a bit of traditional smash-mouth. After having spent so much time either away from proper 40K or reimagining various aspects thereof, we were both in the mood for something simple and solid –as one does.

Pitmann tabled me in 5 turns.

The best laid plans o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley, as old Rabbie would have it, and this was certainly the story for the Onorevoli last night. Pitmann had a number of Berzerkers on foot in the company of a DP on my left, and I had hoped to work a standard redeployment to avoid them until I had succinctly sorted out the other elements of his force. I folded my army quite quickly away from the immediate danger and focused my energies on a decently prioritized list. As far as I can figure, that plan was solid.

A few things went wrong:

First, my standard gamble with a Drop Pod Dreadnought came off in a fashion that might best be described as startlingly limp. I blew that one, and was never allowed a chance to clean up the mess.

Second, the redeployment went reasonably well, excepting that I left myself a bit exposed at one point and Pitmann made me pay for it. Again, Pitmann made sure that I was not allowed to cut any corners or tidy any mistakes.

Third, Pitmann saw the redeployment and threw his Bikers into the middle of the works in what might have been a suicidal charge -straight through a gauntlet of snipers and into the waiting maws of TH/SS Terminators with a Librarian to boot. After some quite remarkable saves, the Bikers sailed through the mess and crushed the Termies over three rounds of combat, losing only five in return. That stung. I needed that engagement to come off much more quickly and much more directly in my favor. Alas. Full points for Pitmann not only for getting his boys stuck in to disrupt my plans, but also for making his Bikers hurt the Onorevoli in unexpected ways.

In conclusion, I have decided to retire the Onorevoli in their current form. I’ve been playing them straight codex marines and, to be candid, their fluff hamstrings them every time (3 squads of scouts, what?).

So. I’ll not be abandoning them entirely, perish the thought, but rather reconfiguring them in order either to make the fluff viable, or to manage what I’m able to bring to the table more potent. For example, with considerable inspiration from Roberto Vo5, I have contemplated reinventing the Onorevoli as Deathwing or worse. Well. More on that as the story develops. In the mean time, Pitmann and I have scheduled a rematch for Sunday afternoon. I expect the light to be much better.


GDMNW said...

I liked the photos. They're moody.

Von said...

Are Dark Angels one of the Marine books with good Scouts? I remember being informed that at least one non-Wolves book had Scouts worth the taking, but I forget which it was... or what was supposed to be so good about said Scouts.

Heigh ho. Shame about the loss; did you at least enjoy yourself?

Mark said...

What list did you field? I see a Dread and a 5-man Termie squad with a libby... were the rest scouts?

Bartender said...

Ridley Scott would be proud of yopu mate!

We have a Blackhawk down!

Brian said...

@ GDMNW. Thank you. It wasn't what I hoped for, but I'm pleased to note that it worked somehow.

@ Von. I don't think Scouts are particularly tough with DA, but rather the other options are much more achievable. My problem with this list is that I want to field more Termies and more Dreds. It's a bit tricky without turning to something like the Deathwing... and so I hope to do just that (with some friendly/expert advice from Roberto Vo5). I'll be sure to keep you posted.

@ #2501. I'm almost embarrassed to mention it. Three squads of scouts. One 5 man tactical. One TH/SS squad of termies and two Dreds. One libby. I picked the list before we chose smash-mouth, but I'm not so sure it would have mattered.

@ Bartender. HA!!! cheers.