Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gutgrope Grotshank and the Shanksies (fin)

While Gutgrope (pictured left) began as the central figure of my sprouting Ork Warbands (after, I might add, decapitating Matt’s Wolf Hero in mano-e-orko combat), he has since taken a backseat to the Teeftotallers. I would like to suggest that this has something to do with the wisdom of delegation and the power to do so –but we all know better (wisdom? Orks?).

In fact, the Shanksies took a knee for a short spell to catch their collective breath and to allow me the time to paint my first Killa Kan.

So, fresh from their reprieve, here are the new and improved Shanksies:

The Personalities:
Gutgrope Grotshank –Nob with Big Choppa, ‘Eavy Armor, Waaagh! Banner, and Refractor Field.
Mugz da Mug –Nob, Power Klaw, ‘Eavy Armor, noted as Gutgrope’s “left hand ork.”

The Grist:
2 Nobz –‘Eavy Armor, but not much else to set them apart from the crowd. You’ll note that they each sport the yellow plume that has become Gutgrope’s orkmark (much the way checker patterns have become Dr. D’s stamp).

2 Ork ‘Ard Boyz –one with Big Shoota, yellow plumes a-go-go.

The Kan:
Killa Kan (to be named after first notable encounter on the tabletop) –Grotzooka, because I love the idea and S6 can’t hurt.

That’s 225 points of Killzone affection with only 10 points spent on a single special upgrade. I don’t really want to drop anyone, as this is already a reasonably slim bundle of Ork, but I might like to throw another upgrade toward Mugz or Gutgrope to help boost each personality’s peculiar nature. We shall see.

So. These are the first two Warbands that I envisioned when reinvigorating these old Ork models who had languished on my shelves for so long; however, on the coattails of this inspiration, I’ve found that I actually created enough for yet another Warband –Aldo Rezta’s D’Arreztas. Moreover, I just might have a few left wandering around for a fourth… at this pace, I think I’ll be just about ready for standard 40K with these Orks in no time at all.

Oh, and about those Kans -Papa JJ, you were absolutely correct. See you Friday for the third Warband, Aldo Rezta and D’Arreztas.


The Inner Geek said...

Blonds have more fun! Oh, if you were my opponent I'd be spouting the blond jokes all game long.

They do look great though. It's hard to get yellow right and yours looks just right.

Anonymous said...

Ha, love the Geek's comment re blondes.

The Killzone concept really lends itself to what you have accomplished with these 'warbands' - that is breathing new life into our older models.

I just spent some time trawling back through some of your posts - this blog has become a goldmine of hobby knowledge.

Well done mate, cheers for sharing these experiences.


Von said...

Every time I see some of your Orks I want to start playing them again. You've taken the personality they have and just run with it, and I love how your Killzone project is fitting in to the grand scheme of a larger army. :D

Brian said...

@ The Inner Geek. Alas. I am bald. ha. Thanks for the kind words about the blonds.

@ Rogue Pom. Cheers mate. Very kind of you to say. I'm hoping to have almost accidentally assembled a proper Ork force before this is finished, and with none of that "must finish project" angst that usually plagues my armies once the initially inspiration has settled to something bit more tame. We'll see how that works out.

@ Von. Cheers. I suppose the above comments are relevant here as well. I've almost hoping to fool myself into this army -and it should have buckets of personality to boot.

An Enemy said...

Man, these orks are fantastic. You should be proud. Love the weathering especially.