Monday, January 17, 2011

Memory Lane: Daemon Hunters

++First. Thank you, Gentle Readers, for all of your tremendous support this last week. Your input has been just fantastic and wondrously valuable to me, personally, as well as the entire Killzone project. Cheers.++

Inclined to nostalgia at seemingly the slightest provocation, and with the wave of hullaballoo about Grey Knights beginning to swell, I am tempted to reflect a moment on my very first 40K army. Indeed, now might be a fine time to reach back to my humble origins in 40K and reacquaint myself with my dearest Daemon Hunters.

I hobbied a bit as a youth. I first came to the game from Adeptus Titanicus and Space Marine Epic games but, oddly, my wonderment at the 40K universe revealed in those games never actually transformed into interest in 40K proper. I’m not sure why, but I never completed (or even tried to complete) a 40K army until much, much later (roughly 2000). For tabletop gaming in the 28-30mm scale, I only had eyes for the WFB game. This is entirely subjective, of course, but that game and that world seemed somehow much more complete and substantial to me at the time –whereas now I would assert the opposite. 

Regardless, when I returned to the hobby after my break in the 90s, Pitmann and I were looking for two good armies to banter back and forth. Codex DH had only just recently dropped and, with Pitmann’s interest in all things Iron Warrior starting to congeal, the Daemon Hunters seemed a natural and antithetical force.

And so it was.

As you will see here, I structured my army around an Inquisitor and his IG allies. I didn’t know that the Steel Legion was the Steel Legion at the time. ahem. I simply selected them because I liked the models and needed more dudes to round out the force. I didn’t love the Storm Troopers, but they grew on me once painted. You can see quite clearly here several of the more obvious ways in  which I remained unfamiliar with several quite straightforward hobby skills and conventions. Having said that, I am quite proud of the banner -not for a display of hobbying skill, mind you- but rather for the creativity; it's just a photocopy from the book, cut with an x-acto, and white-glued into wavy, rippling effect.

Funnily enough, the IG choice seems rather fateful in the end, and might go some distance toward explaining a) the volume of old metal IG minis floating about the place (see here, and here, and here with more to come), ii) my unwavering fondness for the IG, and three) the series of starts and restarts I have had with the Inquisition.  

See you Wednesday for some more memory lane machinations, as I outline how my interest in the Inquisition grew and try to locate the point exactly where/when that interest began to spiral out of control.

Moreover, I hope you are enjoying these older models as much as I have been while digging through them. They are rough and ready, to be sure, but even the shoddiness of my painting ability then makes these models rather dear to me. 

On that note, I feel compelled to mention something about the next sequence of posts. As with the "rough and ready" nature of these models (and my hobby skills depicted therein -just look at those bases, ugh), the next couple of weeks are going to be a trip down memory lane not only for the sake of nostalgia, but also because "baby number two" will be arriving any second now. I spent the weekend taking these photos and hope to tell their story while I am otherwise knee deep in diapers and sleep deprivation. Should be fun. 


Bartender said...

The last two photos with the soldiers staking out the terrain are cool. Nice statue! I would like to do that but with ancient Greek soldiers.

The Inner Geek said...

I enjoy your meanderings down memory lane.

I will tell you that baby number two is what did my hobby time in. Her and baby number one are fourteen months apart and free time is a thing of the past. I wish you luck. Babies are a lot of work, but my wife assures me they are worth it.

Porky said...

Everything here to like - old boxes, great models and terrain, reflections on days gone by.

Re the incoming team member, all the best!

Papa JJ said...

Best wishes to you and your family! Thanks for the enjoyable walk down memory lane, that brings back some pleasant memories. I'm curious what else we'll see in the weeks to come. Take care, buddy!

Gotthammer said...

I too started with Adptus Titanicus (thus the titan fetish).

Looking back over old models can be good for reminding oneself about what used to inspire or satisfy.
What would now be very simple or mundane conversions/paintjobs were once our best. I've certainly found myself going "hey, that was a good idea - now I'll do it better".

Also, best wishes to yourself and Mrs Smoove for the incoming reinforcement :)

Bix said...

Ah Titanicus, when the God machines were gigantic robots disguised as huge mushrooms and for some reason the Space Wolves were sporting a Blood Drinker colour scheme on the cover as I recall...or did I dream it?

Thems were the days.

Thanks for the memories and top marks for still having those boxes intact.

Best wishes for the forthcoming addition to the Smoove horde.

Brian said...

Arrival is imminent.

@ Bartender. Thanks. I would love to see you apply your particular skills to that image.

@ The Inner Geek. Oh please don't tell me that. I'm hoping beyond hope to come out on the other end of this a more streamlined, but equally potent, hobbiest. fingers crossed.

@ Porky. Cheers mate.

@ Pappa JJ. I'm pleased to hear it. I know you've got a team of your own, I'll take any survival tips you have to offer.

@ Goth. Thank you. I completely agree. It's a treat to look again at these old fellows, and I find myself liking (rather than lamenting) the difference between my painting then and now. Funny how that happens.

@ Bix. Thank you kindly. ...and I'd like to think we all dreamt it collectively.

Mr Saturday said...

I enjoyed this post very much indeed, being somewhat fond of misty-eyed nostalgia myself. In fact, your line 'Inclined to nostalgia at seemingly the slightest provocation' is something I shall shamelessly be stealing.

I have two very young boys, but I can tell you the hobby phoenix does rise again. Good luck with your imminent arrival