Monday, January 24, 2011

Memory Lane: Grey Knights

For real this time.

After taking a brief look at the wildly blue-Grey Knight Terminators (I don’t know what I was thinking …upon reflection, I must have I imagined that they would glow or something), I should mention that at about the same time I did something similar to learning my lesson.

Not quite, but similar. The adage “two steps forward, one step back” leaps to mind.

Regardless, I took something like a lateral step and landed snuggly back within the black/red dynamic that we saw initially. In this sense, the squad I created was really a quite “conventional” Grey Knights as a basic Troops choice. Of course, they aren’t really conventional (just observe the candy stripes), but they fit much more firmly with the first conceptualization I had of my initial Inquisitor and his IG minions.

In the spirit of coherence, I even took a step back toward those lamentable brown bases, oh dear.

Looking again at these fellows, I find myself repeating the phrase “soon, these will be available in plastics. Soon.” I’m pretty chuffed about those upcoming releases. Scratch. I’m giddy. 

See you Wednesday when we get back to the goldness. 

1 comment:

Porky said...

On the bright side the red and black makes them less comprehensible, less familiar, and the brown bases also work with the pauldrons to make the model seem bulkier. There's a lot to like.