Friday, January 28, 2011

Memory Lane: Heresy in the Inquisition?

Perish the thought.

After all the gold and glorious self-righteousness of the Gold Knights, I wanted to explore the other, more heretical, factions of the Inquisition. As such, I set to creating a branch of this army that could operate with what (in my humble opinion) is the very, very worst codex option GW has ever created –wait for it- the Daemonhost.

I've argued this elsewhere, vehemently. Daemonhosts are dreadful on the tabletop. And yet, I love the idea despite myself.

Once I brought this fellow into the fold, I began also to think about the potential personality (or personalities) of my Inquisitors, and particularly of their henchmen, posse, retinue. 

A keen observer will be able to deduce that I was reading the Eisenhorn trilogy at this point, and I was keen to produce an evocative, unique, and grand selection of possible personalities with which any given Inquisitor might surround himself. indeed.

In all, these guys are a bit of a mess. I dug up the old Navigators after taking a generous dose of information from J. Rune Nielsen (whom I mentioned later last week). Check out his version of these guys for a quick bit of book learnin’ on how it’s done.

On the back of these crazy henchmen, I also started playing around with the Inquisitorial possibilities. I have never been entirely certain what these fellows would translate to if they were enlisted to tabletop service –but I know that it wouldn’t likely be anything even in the neighborhood of wysiwyg. Just as well, they have only ever been called to service and handfull of times. The results were unerringly forgettable.

Still. In many ways, this Inquisitor and retinue series suggests quite a lot of what was to become my general disposition toward army creation and hobby potential:

Impulsive -yes.

Interesting -well I think so, certainly.

Playable -by accident, perhaps.

Evocative -I'd like to believe they are.


Porky said...

Too many good ideas in 40K to worry about how they play on the tabletop. Interesting and evocative they certainly are.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Inquisitorial retinues have almost endless possibilities! Indeed, they usually function as 'circus side shows' in my army lists being colorful/characterful (and invariably overpriced & ineffective) fun little units.

Gotthammer said...

Make the model then build the list - much more fun that way!
The Mordheim sisters are some nice models (and that's a nice shade of red on yours) - it's a shame they're all not as easy to convert.

The Inner Geek said...

I too am a big fan of the Eisenhorn trilogy. Although, if you read between the lines it seems that daemon hosts are really just extra dimensional butlers.

Oh, and you typo'd the word 'tit' in this post. Please don't fix it, I love them... typos that is. ;)

Mark said...

I'm a big Eisenhorn fanboy too, and I'm sad that GW has said there won't be anymore.

That retinue is the bee's knees. Have you ever played Dark Heresy? Demons and Demonhosts are insanely dangerous in that game. Of course, so are hand grenades.

Von said...

I was always sad at the comparative paucity of play options for Radical Inquisitors. It's funny how the Chaos forces, the Renegades and the Radicals, the people you would expect to be all about wondrous variety, frequently end up with compartively stodgy, dull and limited manifestations in the realm of rules mechancis, is it not?

Brian said...

@ Porky. Solidarity, brother. I can't help but make the stuff. The details invariably sort themselves.

@ da Cheef. Circus Side Show. You nailed it on the head. I'll be "borrowing" that if you don't mind. Cheers.

@ Gothhammer. Mordheim. Perfect. I couldn't remember where I'd found those lovely ladies. Thanks.

@ The Inner Geek. I fixed tit. Apologies. To accommodate, I've included it above.

@ #2501. I've never played... hmmm.

@ Von. That's a really good point. I hadn't considered it like that before, but you've articulated what I ultimately felt about these radical INQs... much a muchness. Nice one.

Sorry for the belated reply, fellas. With the arrival of baby number due, well, it's been intense. Cheers for the support. It's very much appreciated.

Brian said...
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