Friday, January 21, 2011

Memory Lane: So Much Gold (part one)

So. After the modest mess I made with the bluish-Grey Knights, and after straying a bit from the red/black ensemble that I initially conceived, I found myself lurching in three directions more or less simultaneously. The timing might not be exact in my nostalgia, but neither the timing nor the disparity in schemes should come as a surprise whatsoever to any gamer that suffers a similar form of gaming ADD. On the one hand, I wanted to continue with the Grey Knights proper, and on the other hand, I felt increasingly compelled to delve deeper and deeper and deeper into the allies-end of the bargain, and IG specifically. Of course, the release of plastic Cadians and all that didn’t help this matter at all.

So I walked for a time down several paths simultaneously, in which I actively swapped between at least two projects –shelving one when the ideas stagnated and then wandered back when the same happens to the other; alas, this has become my standard operating procedure ever since.

The first product of this endeavor was my golden Storm Troopers.

Perhaps the most curious point on these minis, even as I look at them today, was my utter confoundment with power weapons and accent colors. I didn’t know how to approach these matters with anything like a coherent strategy or proper forethought. I was just swinging wildly. And, while I often missed the mark, I find these fellows endearing all the more for it.

It was all worthwhile, in the end, and I even dug these neglected fellows out for a photo-shoot that landed them in one of the most recent Killzone books. Well played, lads. Well played.

See you Sunday for a brief WIP and then again Monday when we continue down this righteous, lustrous Inquisitorial path. There’s plenty more gold to be had. 


Mordian7th said...

Nice! I really like the gold armor on the storm troopers, it's a neat look. I completely understand about just flailing around color-wise, there's a number of models in my own collections that make me look back and think "Really? THAT'S the color combo I chose?" :)

Da Masta Cheef said...

I used to have some golden armored Guardsmen. During the battle of Armageddon round the world event, they were so rewarded after a Blood Thirster was summoned in close proximity and the platoon pivoted, and opened fire!

It didn't even survive long enough for the heavy & special weapons to come into play...

Those golden guardsmen retired to lovely estates out in the country.

Porky said...

I agree on the gold. It's a wonderful dull effect, very real. I don't know how long it took to get, but it looks like a lot of love has gone in.

Brian said...

@ Mordian. Solidarity.

@ da Cheef. I hope those golden guardsmen enjoy their early retirement.

@ Porky. Love indeed. These guys were my favorites for ages and ages.