Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Memory Lane: Stay Golden Ponyboy, Stay Golden (part two)

Once more I must mention my rather unfortunate first swing at Grey Knight Terminators, whom you can see from last Wednesday’s post. I was not to be discouraged by the unrewarding look of these miniatures, and I took the opportunity, instead, to rework that gold coloring and, indeed, stretch my wings a bit with conversions. If silver was simply not to be a part of my bag, then gold most certainly would.

As I mentioned, I got a bit carried away with the Inquisition in these early days, and these Terminators represent perhaps my second or third step down that path (and we’ll be looking a bit more closely on a few more of the bricks in that path for the rest of this week).

Behold the Gold Knights. I don’t know what else to call them, really.

They are looking a bit tattered these days, as they have seen a fair amount of attention on the tabletop. On the whole, I like this army. I liked building them more. Perhaps this was the first symptom of the other grand problem with my army-building compulsion. I like building them as much as the rest of it.

My favorite, naturally, was this conversion piece. One part Archion (?), one part Games Day Mini, one part Ork Bitz, one pat Empire Champion, one part Grey Knight, he was (at the time) my most ambitious miniature to date –and undoubtedly the benevolent godfather to these two more recent conversions. There’s something menacingly Inquisitorial about him, and I’m not always sure that this works perfectly, but this chunk of metal mini remains one of my faves. Certainly, he looks willing to assert the business end of the Inquisition...

The rest of the Terminator group was really formed around that initial conversion. Their fur-lined cloaks were brought aboard simply to echo his, and the odd bit of halo therein (ork bitz) were once more designed solely to echo his dramatic posturing. 

In all, these guys were great fun to build and, I feel, make a find contribution to the tabletop. Having said that, I’ve wandered from them significantly, as any Inquisitor must.

p.s. will I be purchasing the new Grey Knight plastic models and codex? Yes. Am I really willing to say this considering that I have yet to even glimpse either said models or even a sketch of the design work? Without hesitation.


The GunGrave said...

I REALLY like the gold on these GK Termies! It looks awesome! Im doing Legio Custodes at the mo, and these guys would look great as Custodes Terminators!

The Inner Geek said...

There were times when Grey Knights were painted in gold. I don't remember where, but I saw them that way in some old GW stuff.

I do like the conversions though. The furs look better than I would have guessed, and you can't beat a guy in terminator armor choking out an elf (or whatever they poor sod is).

Michael Hogan said...

Very cool! I have actually seen Gold "Grey" Knights before, and they definitely couldn't be compared to these in a good way. I love the Warriors of Chaos cloaks and those Ork armour bitz. Very nice addition, and I would have never known those Iron Halo looking things come from Orks.

Brian said...

@ Gungrave. Cheers. I have a shot or two of Custodes coming Friday that you might enjoy.

@ The Inner Geek. I think he's an elf as well. Xenos. Heretic. It's all the same at the end of the day.

@ Michael. Thank you. The (Orky) Halo was a last minute addition, as I recall. Once there, however, I couldn't imagine the models without.

Thanks for the support, fellas. Sorry for the time it's taken to respond properly. We've been busy in the Smoove household.