Monday, January 10, 2011

SOS (part 1): Graphic Designer Needed ++


Right. I have run headfirst into the boundary of my ability (it was inevitable at this rate), and I am taking this opportunity to reflect on the nature of my limitations and to avoid making a complete debacle of the situation. Each day this week, I will be calling on the talents and inspiration of the blogosphere for assistance with a different task in hopes that you will do what you do best –ooze creativity, talent, and inspiration. 

So. I need help. Professional help.

Today’s SOS: I would like to call on the resources of a Graphic Designer out there in the blogosphere. I am looking to commission some professional quality work and intend to pay competitive rates for the privilege. Naturally, I am quite eager to flesh out more of the particular details in a personal correspondence should you accept this assignment. In the mean time, the following may help.

The Assignment: the newest edition of Special Operations: Killzone includes two different sets of cards –Secondary Objectives and Fate. The current state of these cards demonstrates my own ham-fisted attempts at graphic design. I am looking for someone to help design and to create polished imagery for the next permutation of these cards. The redesign involves both the face and the back of the cards, and I particularly would like to appeal to the creativity and talent out there on this front. As mentioned, I’m looking for really polished, professional work.

We will be updating these cards in the KZ rulebook (so they will be available as free downloads to one and all) and specifically for the games at AdeptiCon. It’s a reasonably ambitious project, and the turnaround is rather tight, but you can do it. I know you can.

If you are at all interested, able, and willing, please email me (you can find the address next to my face in the right column).

Preview of Wednesday’s post: I will ask you to reflect upon your Killzone gaming experiences to date. If you don’t have any, download this immediately and squish as many games in before Wednesday’s post. Specifically, I will ask you to think about markers, tokens, and whatnot that you feel did or would have helped you play the game. We need you, Internets. Will you answer the call?

Preview of Friday’s post: If you are not a designer in the graphic sense, never fear. I am going to be calling for design help all the same. Currently, we have roughly 7 iterations of each kind of card and we intend to expand that to at least 18 iterations of each card. The last response to this kind of call was absolutely tremendous, and this is a chance for you to really stretch your gaming wings. I definitely need your help here.

p.s. Thank you Cyborg Trucker for becoming the 200th follower of the blog. Thank you also to the 199 followers preceding him. I am extremely grateful for the support (and since then, I see that the number has climbed again to 202 -how fortuitous on my 202nd post!!! You'd almost think I'd planned that, if I only could). Thanks again one and all. 

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