Sunday, January 2, 2011

WIP: odds and ends

I can only offer a very short WIP today for a few projects that I’ve started –or restarted- over the weekend. The main man Pitmann will be stopping by in a few moments for a game or two, so that’s taking precedence over the posting situation. Ahem.

Also, I must apologize once again for the poor quality of the photos. I have, at least, discovered the problem –albeit only in the process of sorting them for posting today, which is to say too late. The problem: I had accidentally nudged the camera setting over to ISO, which helps in low light situations, but is an absolute mare for image resolution. I recommend the ISO setting only in the most desperate of desperate times. The images will be back up to scratch tomorrow.

So. WIP. Pitmann has two new DPs in the works. I am tremendously excited about these menacing fellows. We are both have an extremely keen eye on an update for this seasoned stalwart below ( amazes me still how much this model weighs –and compared to the plastics, forgetaboutit); Pitmann is looking forward to the dynamic new poses and whatnot, while I eagerly anticipate a reprieve from the drubbing this old menace has delivered time and time again.

With two kits, we have been able to create a work some variations together so that Pitmann has a few more wysiwyg options. Moreover, I hope to have enough bits left on top of that again to experiment once again with the pile of River Trolls limbs still floating around my workspace. Prepare to kit-bash.

On top of that, I took a moment or two to throw my brush at these OOP IG minis, who will be the other Team in Commissar Baracca's Special Operations Group. Once more, I must confess an inexplicable fondness for all of these old metal IG minis. They are quirky, no doubt, but personable and compelling. All of this has me thinking about the Valhallans that I have idling on the shelf as well...

I have also managed a bit of work on these guys, but more on that tomorrow.

See you then.


Porky said...

I love the variety in those old Imperial Guard regiments too. So much colour and suggestion.

Seems a lot of people see the potential in those river trolls. The old metals were my favourite troll type, but the new plastics are definitely not to be sniffed at and obviously far more practical for conversions.

Loquacious said...

that top pic looks a bit like an abstract oil painting from a fast look. I really like the image I got my first time through... =)

Brian said...

@ Porky. I remember those old metal ones, and I really liked their lanky, loping character. Their fatter, plastic brethren, however, are entirely too easy to convert.

@ Loquacious. My desk space is a mess. That is, undoubtedly, the nicest (most artful at least) anyone has said, or likely will say, about it. Cheers.