Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Alacrity Raffle: IS OPEN (entry info)

This week heralds A Gentleman’s Ones One Year gala, and is the ideal moment to announce the raffling of perhaps the most popular item to appear on the blog thus far –THE SIN OF ALACRITY. It can be yours -no matter where in this universe you reside- for no less than 10 American dollars.

That's it. 

Here’s how this works -7 steps to GLORY:

1. Click on the Paypal link titled “Sin of Alacrity Raffle” at the top right. -->
2. Donate 10 dollars or more to yours truly (see below).
3. Do so before midnight Sunday, March 13 (Chicago time).
4. Wait until the morning of March 15 (the Ides of March).
5. Read this blog when I declare the randomly generated winner on that day.
6. Wait just a wee bit more.
7. Receive the entire Sin of Alacrity delivered to your very doorstep… no matter where on this green globe your doorstep might be (though it may be on the slow boat if you live in Katmandu, man).

It’s that easy.

Your chance(s) to WIN:
So. Ten dollars' donation gets your name in the hat, but I should mention that ten dollars is only the initial contribution, and that you may, if you so desire, increase your chances of winning the Alacrity by donating more funds:

10 dollars = 1 entry.
Each additional 5 dollars = 1 additional entry.
25 dollars = 5 entries.
50 dollars = 15 entries.
…and so on. 

There is no limit to the amount you may donate. Naturally, I encourage you to be ambitious.  

The Raffle:
After the donation period ends Sunday March 13 at midnight CST, I will put all the names in a hat (we like to keep things reasonably low-tech around here). Your name will appear the appropriate number of times, as above. The drawing will be held by me and Mrs Smoove (and Ref Pitmann if he is in town) on Tuesday March 15, and then announced immediately upon completion thereof.

Let me mention once more that this raffle is open to absolutely anyone: if you live on the Moon, I’ll ship the Alacrity to you. It may take a while, granted, but it’ll land on your doorstep in due time.

Two quick caveats:
Now. I know that charity is the new black these days, but I feel compelled to tell you, the gentle reader, that this Raffle is NOT -strictly speaking- a charity. Having said that, I DO NOT expect to make (or, rather, “keep”) any money on this exchange. All proceeds are going directly toward 1) shipping this monster to you, and then 2) offsetting the cost of the Killzone tables for AdeptiCon. Still, I thought it important to mention that I’ll not be immediately donating these proceeds to any spirited and noble pursuit beyond building six individual four-square-foot tables of glory.

It’s a kind of swap.

On the back of that caveat, I feel compelled to offer yet another. The Alacrity is  in very good shape, but it is also about five or six years old and has been… “loved.” While its value wildly exceeds the meager 10 dollar buy-in, it is nevertheless notably worn in parts. It could use some tlc, a touch of glue, a dab of paint, and perhaps even a screw here or there. I tell you this so that you don’t expect a pristine piece of scenic glory and find yourself sat in front of an otherwise used assortment of space hulk glory; however, "glory" is the operative word... and "ten bucks" are the other relevant words. All the photos you’ve seen of her have been taken in the lifetime of this blog (which is to say in the last 12 months) so if you’ve been watching, you’ll likely have a very good idea what state she’s in -very good, but not perfect.

And there it is. On Friday, I will discuss in detail the entire package, all the pieces, the accessories, all the rooms, all the corridors, all the tremendousness that can fit in one grim, menacing Space Hulk –including a few odds and ends that have yet to be shown here on A Gentleman’s Ones. That's right. There's more.

The Alacrity could soon be yours. Good Luck.

May the Emperor bless her and all who sail in her.

I have noticed with interest a series of comments expressing some concern about the space that a creation like the Alacrity requires. Here's the beauty of the modular system. It breaks down perfectly for storage. I have a pair of rather old, stately bookshelves within which I keep nearly all my hobby stuff. The one pictured here stores the Arrugginiti, my LoTR stuff, all my scenery (you may note the Imperial statues peeking above the rim)... and includes very nearly the entire the Alacrity on only the bottom shelf.

That's it. Just the bottom shelf.

Do it. Do it.


Da Masta Cheef said...

Da Masta Cheef needz dat ship! No Ork army iz komplete wiv out a ulk!!!

GDMNW said...

What about $1000, how many spots will that get me?

Before you answer, I'm just jerking your chain. I don't have much cash at the moment...

Loquacious said...

She'd be mighty pretty in my house...(which is CRAMPED- but I'd make room).

The Angry Lurker said...

Damn this is tempting, where in the hell would I put (if I won it), very tempting.

Mark said...

Oh, the games of Space Hulk one could play, using actual Dreadnoughts instead of wimpy "tactical dreadnought armor"...

Unknown said...

As much as I'd love to win this and secure it for the space wolves 40K blog, sadly I have nowhere to store it.

Still, I applaud your hard work. It looks excellent!

Warhammer39999 said...

Tremendous. I'd enter, but then there's a chance I might win and then the wife would kill me.

Brian said...

@ Da Masta Cheef: tis true. Great to have you on board, and good luck!!!

@ GDMNW: for ONE LARGE I would suggest that you get "all" the entries... I'm just jerking you chain. A raffle is a raffle after all. ha.

@ Loquacious: Indeed. There is always room.

@ The Angry Lurker: You'd be surprised to see how relatively little space an enormous floating hulk requires. See the bottom of this post and the top of Friday's for more on that particular point.

@ #2501: wimpy Terminators... ha. I have to say, however, that Dreads really shine in an environment like the Alacrity.

@ Adam: great plug for a great blog. Those Heresy wolves are immense. As I've mentioned above, have a gander at how well the Alacrity collapses. You may find that you have space after all.

@ WH39.9K: I'll suggest that it's a risk worth taking. I know a certain gathering of Rogue CSM that would love to run wild in its corridors. I'm just saying.

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Thank the God Emperor of Mankind that I'm getting a job soon. I'm trying to inspire the people from our store to donate too. Do you accept blood instead? A pint for a ticket?