Thursday, February 24, 2011

Killzone: what’s old is new

… but first this message of haste and glory with a side order of tremendousness:

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… now back to our irregularly scheduled program:

I promised this week that we would take a small respite from Memory Lane, and where else would that pause take us but back to the obsession of obsessions, Killzone.*

There is nothing else. 

These guys were finished (more or less) just before the birth of Babyzilla and represent the very last time that brush has touched paint in the sleepless Smoove household. Thankfully, we are coming out of that initial haze and I can already imagine, if not exactly taste, the time when creative juices will once more flow like wine.

True to form, this Special Operations Group remains suspended just short of “complete,” but they will soon be a fully functioning Team within Commissar C. Ludo Baracca’s Special Operations Group, whom you saw resting Tuesday in their tray. You will, no doubt, note that they have already acquisitioned the Ogryn Aldo Gruener that initially appeared alongside Commissar C.L. Baracca. They will also enjoy the company of a Sentinel (two point sinks in one Team), making them a pretty heavy-handed and lean group.

There is, of course, an entirely practical and tangential reason for the above. Much like the rest of C. Baracca’s SOG, this Team has been formed almost entirely from old IG models that I had stashed away under the sofa. I believe these guys were purchased around the time when I was reading Dune and had the notion of a sandbound army, which is to say "a long time ago." These few were (these lucky few), meant to be the test group that never once saw nor paint nor primer until KZ just recently breathed new life into all those old, stranded models that I had cluttering up the place. Well, perhaps I read those Dune books too quickly for their own good. That happens, but no worries. They have found a happy home at long last.

Because of their limited number, I am considering optioning them either as Veterans, or possibly as Storm Troopers -which is a stretch, but a desirable one because AP3 rocks even harder in Killzone than it does on your average tabletop. Either way, I am reasonably pleased with the way they fit as a distinct but related turn from Barraca’s old Catachan metals. In particular, I am increasingly fond of this Sergeant if only because he looks so entirely certain of, and grimly resolved to, the “venting” issues that will inevitably befall his plasmatic companion. One expects that he will expire with both good taste and manners. 

By the by, these tunics were done with a softened version of my Stone and Bone recipe (minus the final step), and the temperature sensitive weapons were done with this Melta technique (thank you kindly, Roberto Vo5). Finally, my Red recipe is here.  Enjoy.

*Killzone: I can barely remember the days before this all started, and must warn you that there will be more of it before there will be less. Namely, in parts of March I will be documenting the alacrity-inspired series of 6 (yes six) 4x4 contiguous tables for AdeptiCon, then the Killzone events at AdeptiCon, and a couple of tremendous revisions to the Killzone dynamic. Namely, I must thank ThatGuyJames for his genuinely inspired work overhauling two complete decks of Killzone Cards (Fate and Secondary Objectives). The results are agonizingly beautiful and will be available to you, the Killzone enthusiast and gentle reader, sometime in or around AdeptiCon. More soon enough.


Tallarn said...

The power of the Desert Raiders is strong in this one - excellent work and please continue.

I think you should go with Veterans due to the lack of any plate armor on the Tallarn line of mini's. They will fit better 'fluff wise' as a group of crazy people without any regard for the rules than a group of highly indoctrinated storm troopers.

That and Veterans are the new hotness so they will see the table more as Veterans.

Brian said...

Hey Tallarn. Cheers. I suspected that you might be interested in this post -for the obvious reason. And I agree about the Veterans. Fluff is certainly a key component in my thinking on these matters.