Monday, February 28, 2011

Memory Lane: Assassins

Two Things:

One. The opportunity to enter the Alacrity Raffle ends in exactly two weeks. If you are teetering on the fence, putting your ducks in a row, wallowing in indecision, or otherwise dithering, by all means stop now and enter the Raffle.  Dare I say that the hobby gods will almost certainly never offer you the opportunity to receive more for less.

Two. This is the last in the current series of Memory Lane posts. I haven’t quite exhausted the entirety of my Daemonhunters cohorts, but this is enough for now. Like many out there, I am positively dizzy with excitement for the new releases (plastic!) and between the looming Killzone glory at AdeptiCon and the re-release of those agonizingly righteous Grey Knights… well, now seems the perfect time to redirect and look forward once more. After this. And Wednesday. Naturally. 

And so, I offer all my Assassins in one fell swoop.

The Vindicare was the first purchased and painted, mostly because he is the model I liked (and still like) the most from the possibilities. I say this both for aesthetic and game-play reasons. He is dated by the candy-striped rifle, to be sure, but then I have always struggled for ways to make the Daemonhunter armies look coherent. Efforts like this seem rather silly on their tod, but together, the black and red force still seems to hang together reasonably well by my way of thinking, even if my approach to painting has moved onward somewhat.

Next (lamentably), the Blue Callidus. I think the blue and the gray softens this model too much. and the sum ends up feeling rather washed out (as opposed to vicious and malevolent). Still, she’s perched upon one of my first efforts at scenic basing -it's an overly large chunk of insulation foam which may have been overkill perhaps. I believe my goal was to add some dimension to an otherwise slightly flattened sculpt; I am not sure how I hoped to accomplish this dimensional quality with a bit of insulation exactly, but the faux-rock deserves full points for the effort if not the execution (the pun was there. I had to take it).

In the end, the base is more gray against a blue-gray model, but the experiment itself was the real winner in my book. There's plenty more of that insulation foam floating about the workspace.

The Sisters Repentia here represent a re-invention of Death-Cult Assassins. They are ladies and rather lithe, but perhaps the superficial similarities stop there. I should mention that the rather straight swap has never, thankfully, caused confusion during gameplay (for the enemy at least). With all these “counts as” models cluttering up that particular force, the precise mechanics tend to get bogged down a bit on my end anyway, but it's never actually been a problem worth noting. As for the models, admittedly, this is not an inspired trade. They have worked, perhaps surprisingly, as a thematic transition toward the models in the Gold Inquisitorial force I created lastly -namely, they are female and they are pinched wholesale from another line.

Indeed, the ubiquitous Gold Inquisitorial force. This evil lady is meant to be an Eversor, and you are meant to be able to tell that from her helmet. Again, a stretch. I know. I know.  The conversion, at least, is ambitious. Moreover, she picks up some of the details from other elements of the force, namely the red cape and fur collar from the Custodes and the Terminators. For this reason, as much as any other, I feel she genuinely belongs in the force even if it's a bit of a push to read "eversor" from the particular conversion. 

On Wednesday, AGOs will be participating in Warhammer 39,999’s tremendous idea for re-invigorating forgotten, neglected, forlorn posts: Old Stuff Day. Of course, that makes the promise above to end the current run of Memory Lane true on a technicality only. Still, after Wednesday, we will be in full-frontal-adepticon-prep mode. There are tables to build, by Jove –tables to build!

…and so I shall.


Porky said...

You're way too hard on yourself! A few minor issues that perhaps only the artist would notice, but all in it's top-notch work, and this neutral observer takes away a very postive impression. It's always a pleasure to take the tour.

I do rather agree with you in the vindicare being a fave, in terms of sculpt. The callidus came off slightly worse in sculpting in my view, the eversor in concept. The culexus fills a space, but it's good to have the option. The more options the better even - I'd like to see many more temples.

Wednesday's going to be great too.

Tristan M said...

Agreed, top notch! Love the death cult assassins.

Warhammer39999 said...

AGO? Since when did you get a cool acronym?

P.S. I like the "Counts as" death cults; I personally went with Malcadons...

beat ronin said...

I have some Repentia waiting for the same treatment. Looks like great minds etc. eh?

The blue Callidus looks nice. I can't wait to see what the Grey knights book has in store for the Inquisition.

Brian said...

@ Porky. Thank you, sir. I almost forget about that Culexus. Even when I read that recent HH book, I needed to remind myself. I feel it would be too generous to say this is deliberate but, still, one would like to think so.

@ Tristan. Cheers.

@ Warhammer 39.9999. Ha! I just gave it to myself publicly. Privately, I've saved all my files under this acronym since roughly day two. Which reminds me, I hope that it's never bothered you that I often refer to you as WH39.9K...

@ James. Great minds indeed!