Friday, February 4, 2011

Memory Lane: Golden Inquisition (part five)

Dave Taylor (the man who, to my knowledge, first came up with this conversion) is a legend.

Oh uh, yes, and then I made these five guys (along with this single rhino) because Dave Taylor conjured, as if from thin air, one of the coolest armies that I have ever seen. Oh, to be that talented, creative, and quick. 

When I first saw Signor Taylor's army in WD#?, I immediately took a swing at copying it. I was slow. The conversion (although seemingly simple) was at the upper end of my abilities and my resources at the time. These guys represent the only five, plus rhino, that I managed. Alas. Thankfully, they blended so smoothly into the rest of the golden mess that I had been creating, I was soon sporting them as Grey Knights when necessary (you'll note the fellow at the left of the photo above seems to be carrying something modestly similar to a psycannon). 

On that note, I promise that this post ends the foray for now down memory lane… well… almost. Next week is a special week for A Gentleman’s Ones, and I intend to clean out just a bit more space on the table before moving forward once more. After that, we'll likely spend just a bit more time on the lane as I've yet to even mention those Inquisitors around which all of this hangs.

I promise that you will not want to miss what's on the horizon, but you’ll have to stick around at least until next Wednesday to get the full picture. You've been warned. Don't miss next week.


Mordian7th said...

Love it! I was wondering if all the gold was leading up to some Custodes conversions, and I really like what you've done with them. Can't wait to see what's next!

Big Jim said...

Outstanding looking Custodes!

I am dieing for next Wed!


Brian said...

@ Mordian. I only wish that I had more Custodes to show. Alas.

@ Big Jim. There's a bit of runup, but Wednesday is the day that you most absolutely do NOT want to miss.