Friday, February 18, 2011

Memory Lane: Inquisitors Three, Four, and a quick shot of Five

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As my personal Inquisition moved handily out of its two previous incarnations, I drifted inevitably toward the gold that you’ve seen plenty of in recent Memory Lane post. If you missed those lustrous fellows, by chance, have a look here. Good times. Good times.

Despite the superficial similarities, these final two Inquisitors could not be more distinct, and I sincerely believe that each says quite a lot about where and how my wondrous interest in the Inquisition had spun a bit topsy-turvy.

The first golden wonder is, quite clearly, Inquisitor Torquemada Coteaz. There is nothing particular about this model apart from these two details. I have never once used him with his proper  intended retinue, opting for this gaggle instead, and I have never once used him as Coteaz. In this sense, I have unwittingly played him quite straight, but also undermined that effort without ever even having deliberately done so. It's all instinct, or bloody mindedness, I suppose.

By comparison, I really took some liberties with this fellow. He does not have his own retinue. He has a force weapon, sure… and a single lightning-clawed gauntlet. I wish I could tell you how this happened, or how it could possibly work. I think, by way of explanation, I might submit that I was trying to be creative and think outside the Inquisitorial box. Certainly, any support of the Inquisition should know better, and just as certainly I did not intend to think outside the actual scope of the game… that concern somehow got swept aside while I tried to convert an adherent that looked young, naïve, fresh from whatever academy they graduate these monster. Indeed, I remember being particularly focused on trying to make this Inquisitor look suitably noble, but also mean in a lightning-claw-and-force-weapon-in-gold-power-armor kind of way. Hmm. Not so sure about that in retrospect.

Still, I had fun with him, regardless, but it was really much ado about nothing. I think he managed maybe two or three outings on the table (Ref Pitmann and I play quite forgivingly with “counts as”). At the end of the day, he represents a fine moment in my mind –the embodiment of a grand effort to create, and to paint, the best possible model that I was capable, and a simultaneously nod toward the self-indulgent potential of the hobby. Scoffing and stupified indignation aside, I will always like this figure for that simple reason alone.  

And one more peek at this lunatic -who was certainly cut from the same initial clothe as the naive fellow above; however, as his beard and armor surely testify, he's been around a bit longer to dull some of that luster...
Next week: Assassins. Of course. I hope you did not genuinely think I had ignored them...

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