Friday, March 11, 2011

AdeptiCon Tables: part one

The Scrap-Yard

You may be exhausted to hear this by now, but please have a gander at the Alacrity Raffle if you have not done so yet. Sunday is the last day to enter, and the drawing will be Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday. 

I am tremendously excited. I confess that it is bittersweet to see her go (wipe that tear from your eye).

And now for the singular hobby goliath that has eclipsed all other concerns in my hobby universe (which had already shrunk considerably with the arrival of babyzilla). It’s crowded and desperate these days, but the hobby lives on. AdeptiCon waits for no man.

As you may well know, I am gluing together the Killzone events at AdeptiCon this year, and with that honor comes great responsibility –namely, the creation of 6 4x4 tables.  Long-time readers may well remember that Tall Paul and I began work on these tables late in the Autumn. Today's photos sum up where we finished that progress...

A leaking roof, the pressing and wholly appropriate need to build baby-number-two’s room, and Winter summarily squashed all carpentry progress right around the time of my last post on the matter


Perhaps as importantly, the necessary pause gave us time to reflect on our progress and our shortcomings -not interpersonal, mind, but rather the shortcomings of our creation thus far. Although we found a viable solution, the doors were becoming increasingly unmanageable as primer then paint either bent them or ruined our cuts. We both felt we could do better. The construction was solid, but the layout ultimately felt rather flat. Moreover, painting after the fact was warping the table at places, and this particular task was becoming rather daunting. The mistakes were stacking one upon the other until the entire table had started to lose a bit of its luster.

And thus I genuinely do not mind writing here and now that all the previous work has been abandoned. We leaned from those early travails how NOT to build these tables. Alas.

So. I completely the scrapped the original plan, took the previous sketches, and sat myself once more in front of the drawing board for those long winter months. Beyond the technical considerations (of which I will discuss at greater length in future posts), there were several glaring thematic elements that had been left floating in the ether and that require more careful consideration. 


With the obvious exception of Sunday and Tuesday, the next three weeks will be an epic journey into the heart of this AdeptiCon table monstrosity. Epic. 


Tallarn said...

Im interested in knowing more about this raffle you speak of...

Seriously I think the new table is coming along nicely, I can't imagine the patience you have to cut and mount all those pieces individually. Well done indeed.

Make sure those yellow bows are all in order!

The GunGrave said...

I love these tables you've made! Simply brilliant, and really create the type of atmosphere you'd want when playing Killzone!

I really hope i get lucky in this raffle!!

Derina said...

Im getting a 40k sized stargate soon, Table looks cool.

Want 2 oop Techmarines the ones with the hand on the pad?

Grizzled Gamer said...

I really like those tables. I really wish that Adepticon was in the cards this year, because that table looks like a blast to play on.

Brian said...

@ Tallarn. Yes. Well. Pull up a chair and I will bore you with the sagas. The patience is the easy part; it's finding the time to let that patience happen that's tricky... if you know what I mean.

@ The GunGrave. Thanks for the kind words and thanks for the donation. Good luck!

@ Derina. I can't wait to hear about that stargate. As for your question, um, yes!!! What can I offer in trade?

@ Mags. Cheers mate. If not AdeptiCon, I hope there will be other opportunitites/venues!

Derina said... thats a link to the stargate tho she is not in my possesion yet.

as for the 2 techs they dont have backpacks.

Email me and we can chat.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Oh no! The original tables were lost to the warp!?!