Friday, March 4, 2011


Today's post is hasty to the point of abrupt and perhaps unnecessary. Still, I wanted to post not only for consistency's sake, but also for my own purposes. I have been playing with Apple's Pages application since I picked up some of Special Operations: Killzone publication responsibilities at the end of last year, and I think I am really starting to unlock some worthwhile particulars in this program. It's a bit like photoshpo at times (which I never learned) but, put simply, I want to see how this effect looks on the blogosphere. Like most things Apple, the program is mercifully simple and intuitive -that's a significant boon for a techno-dolt like myself. So, here's what I learned how to do last night. It's not beautiful (yet), but promising nonetheless, very promising. You will be seeing more of this kind of thing in the future (and hopefully more refined). I promise.

See you Sunday when the Alacrity Raffle hits T MINUS ONE WEEK. Then it's going to be Killzone, Killzone, Killzone, Alacrity Raffle, Killzone, Killzone, Killzone... straight into AdeptiCon, which is exactly four weeks away. Oh my. It's all happening. 


Blitzspear said...

Is that Mount Doom behind him :) Nice job with the computer jiggery pokery.

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Brian, we WILL be hanging out at Adepticon!

Karitas said...

Hey man, you;re-a-learnin'

A few smidgeons of advice if I may,

watch the fringing on the foreground image, theres still some white visible there, and secondly, try to match the foreground and background images where possible. in this axample for instance, the foreground image needs its contrast tweaked up a little, especially in the mid tones, to work with the deep darks of the background image.

other than that, decent job. one last tip, dont be afraid to blur a background a little to simulate depth of feild, if you feel it might distract from the foreground.

If there are specific things you need to know how to do in specific packages I can try to do a tut for you, just film myself doing it or something. though that said I only use pages on my iPad really ;)

jabberjabber said...

Great image. I must learn to do this kind of image manipulation myself.

Von said...

I find that the base clashes with the background, and that draws my eye away from the actual miniature.

Bix said...

Another impressive step along the path of the Technomancer B.

I may have to give into the serpent and take a bite of the Apple, I likes simple and intuitive.

Brian said...

@ Blitzspear. Thank you. It's a rough start, but a start nonetheless.

@ Skarvald. Deal. In fact, I think Joe is going to be helping out with at least one of the events.

@ Karitas. Top Tips, one and all. This is really quite helpful feedback, as my untrained eyes are often better at spotting something that "doesn't quite look right" than they are at informing me what, why, or how to fix that something. I think Pages is a pretty low-key / low-power tool, perhaps ideal for someone like me at the outset of all this. I've also got Ai (which I remember you've used to some extent), but I'm totally intimidated by it. I've got a long way to go yet.

@ Jabbers. The basics are easier than I imagined, but I expect the real stuff (the more ambitious and refined imagery manipulation) will be a bit more challenging.

@ Von. Harsh but fair. haha. I am learning slowly but slowly.

@ Bix. Cheers. And full marks for punsmithery.