Thursday, April 14, 2011

AdeptiCon: fin

This post will be the last for some time with regard to these fine tables, and marks a return to the more manageable scale of our fair hobby. Between you, me, and the fencepost, I am looking to painting 30mm at a time once again for a stretch. So what next, and what of those tables?

In reverse order.

Karitas (who, by the way, has just begun his own already stunning bit of tabletop glory.  go check it out) and others asked before the weekend of AdeptiCon what I intended to do with 24 feet of sequential table after the event. The simple answer is that I did not have the foggiest notion whatsoever. Well. Maybe the foggiest of fogs, but really I just needed to build the things first. The rest, I hoped, would sort itself...

Pure folly. I know.  

How is this for blind luck? While the suburban hobby world flourishes, those of us inside the Chicago city limits are often hard-pressed to find a strong, viable FLGS. Most of the ones I once frequented over the years have either perished ignobly or become prohibitively far after the additions of babies 1-2. Indeed, before the arrival of my beautiful little zillas, I would often travel 50+ minutes to various stores that included some tremendous gaming folk (in fact, the crack team of hobbyists that ran the events this weekend were pulled directly from these individuals –Joe and Chris in particular).

Anyway, an hour without traffic (and there is always traffic) is a long way to travel for a game in a city that should be able to support more for the humble hobby enthusiast.

As it turns out, a (previously card-centric) games store nearby has made a bold move toward miniature hobbies, specifically including 40K and so on. By pure happenstance, I was playing an informal game with Chris and Joe on the Saturday when I met Andy, one of the fellows responsible for that same store. It's a small hobby world sometimes.

By Sunday Andy and I struck a deal. Tables 1-3   now live at Galactic Force Games 1121 W. Belmont, Chicago… less than a mile from my house. Brilliant! If you are in the area, stop by Galactic Force Games for a romp across these bad boys. They are perfectly suited for Killzone, obviously, but account themselves perfectly in a more standard game of 40K. Enjoy. I certainly will be from time to time. (if you are wondering, tables 1 and 2 are pictured above, while numbers 2 and 3 occupy the left and center of the image below).

Now. What is next? Two things.

1. Heroes of Armageddon, naturally.

Because I enjoyed the process so much the first time, I will be making four brand new tables for Games Day. These splendid tables will entertain four unique and beautiful 3000pt armies. I can barely contain myself with enthusiasm and ideas on this one. Right now, I am only in the sketching stage, but will need to work closely with those responsible for building these armies in order to pull this monster together properly. You will be updated as that happens. In sum, I intend to raise the bar by several steps for the demands of this noble project. If you liked the Killzone tables, you are going to adore these. If you adored the Killzone tables, then... well, it will probably be intense. More will trickle in soon, but expect quite a lot on this in the run-up to Games Day (ie: July will most likely be another “table wip month”).

2. Killzone at AdeptiCon: The Sequel

That is correct. Special Operations: Killzone is less than one year old, and we fully intend to gather what we learned at this first outing and improve the dynamic significantly. Moreover, we will be taking the zone back to the main floor at AdeptiCon next year for a proper romp.

That means even more new tables (I may have found a niche if not exactly a vocation). And again, I am already in the sketching stages on this one as well with this basic idea: from Hulk to planetside. The Special Operations Groups battle both on a landing field and a transporter room planetside as well as a cargo bay and transporter room (and the obligatory corridors, etc) upon a Hulk in orbit. I have to thank Ty from Milwaukee for inspiration on this one. In all, these tables should have a significantly more claustrophobic feel than the predecessors and, once again, raise the standard considerably from the ones you have come to know thus far. 

So. Many. Ideas.

See you in a couple of days for a return to 30mm. Finally.  


Tylermenz said...

How are you planning on doing the transition from hulk table to planet side table.

Are they going to be connected tables with a de facto transition, or will the tables be separate but connected?

sonsoftaurus said...

That all sounds awesome. Especially glad that you found a way to keep access to the tables without having to store them yourself!

Look forward to the next year's worth of projects!

Porky said...

Less a niche than a whole realm, but certainly a very natural habitat. There can be very few reading this not itching to see sketches, WIPs and the final results.

Re a smoove transition from hulk to surface, the obvious immediate jump would be some kind of teleportation or gateway, but you could also have play run from the hulk in through an airlock to a dropship interior, and then have the assault ramps of the dropship open onto the planet, as if the fighting in the dropship lasts the journey down.

Grizzled Gamer said...

As we are going to make the trip out to Adepticon next year, I am looking forward to seeing what interesting creations you come up with next year.

Karitas said...

Man it's amazing to see all the work you're putting in here, and the plans for huge things to come.

I'd be remiss however if i didnt just say, in a very small voice... "watch out for the burnout"

and yeah, awesome news about the boards in the store!

The Eye of Error said...

Those tables are great and a very very cleaver use of Interior molding!

Brian said...

@ Tyler. I'm still figuring that out, but the initial idea is to have several "passages" from one to the other: a hangar with transports, a teleportation deck, etc. I have a really exciting (to me) idea for a window looking down onto the planet and so forth. More to follow.

@ Sons. Cheers. there is no shortage of projects these days.

@ Porky. Thank you. You've nailed it. Once more, you are an invaluable source of refined inspiration. Cheers mate.

@ Mags. I am looking forward to "meeting" you already.

@ Karitas. to be frank, I'm more worried about the wife's burnout than my own. But I won't jinx this by mentioning it. shhhh. Your tables look brilliant by the way.

@ LuckyNo.5. Cheers. I had some left over from when I built baby-number-2's room. It was expensive that I felt obligated to not waste it, and inexpensive enough that I didn't mind wasting it on the tables... if you know what I mean.

Porky said...

Thanks, but the flame sputters, and we got lucky here..! The window idea is very attractive, and would tie the whole together wonderfully well. I'd love to see that.

The thought reminds me of that classic black and white image of Horus against Earth. The pic and the Bill King story are here if you're looking for a boost.

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Make sure to read the coverage of Killzone at Adepticon 2011 I just posted, Brian and everyone else! And tell me what you think. ;3