Friday, April 1, 2011

AdpetiCon enters the Killzone

I am putting together final preparations before heading down to always sunny Lombard, IL in order to properly absorb the Killzone experience at AdpetiCon. Time permitting, I will post an update or two during the day. The first KZ games kick off at noon... and, to be candid, I am nearly giddy with anticipation. 

For those of you following along at home, I msut direct you to Big Jim's Galaxy in Flames for an extremely exciting bit of news with regard to Killzone Cards. 

Thank you, James from That Guy James for such stunning, and dare I say beautiful, design work. You may remember that some months ago I put out a plea for a designer to fill in the blanks of my rather poor graphic design skills. I am speechless. James' work is absolutely stunning and, thanks to James, we will be enjoying two full decks (jokers included) of these cards at the events this weekend. Of course, you can download these for free from Big Jim's site.

Thank you also to the following for bringing the meat and potatoes to this project. Each name below contributed at least one entry and/or idea for the substance of these new cards. One word...


Thank you:
Matthew Ludwick
Peter Simpson 
Genghis Vaughn
Luke Licens
Matt Weeks
More soon!!! 

p.s. If I missed a link above, please drop me a line and let me know. I have hurried this and confess that I did not double check name-to-blog relationships. Cheers.


Porky said...

Very glad to lend a hand. They look fabulous and should play just as well.

Re the links, Sidney Roundwood has real cause to feel aggrieved.

Sidney Roundwood said...

Best wishes for Adepticon, B Smoove. I am just so pleased for you guys over there. You and Big Jim and everyone has so much to be proud of with KillZone.

And Porky, it is a signal honour, Sir, to be linked to your blog :) It certainly made me smile. B, don't even think about correcting it....the time to play 40K is nigh...

Porky said...

Well I've just been to your place and I think you should have both the links.

Everyone reading this should go visit Sidney's blog. Click here.

Elbrun said...

Elbrun, not Elburn, but still cool to be credited with helping :)

Elbrun said...

oh, and is my link

Brian said...

Apologies. Apologies. Apologies. Thanks for your (one and all) patience and congeniality; it's been a busy few weeks.