Tuesday, April 12, 2011

b. smoove no longer

Hi. My name is Brian. 

That's me. I have decided to make a fundamental change to my blogging persona by retiring the sporting but quirky name b. smoove, mostly on account of the rather bizarre mixture between that persona and real life the other weekend at AdeptiCon. To put it plainly, I simply cannot introduce myself to anyone (at least not with a straight face) as B. Smoove. I just feel really silly. That's because it is really silly. 

About four years ago, I lifted that name from the Onion (America's Finest News Source) when I needed a pseudonym on the fly (no pun intended) in order to comment on a blog that I had been reading lurking around for a while (cough BoLS cough). It seemed the thing to do, so I chose/borrowed/stole that particular name because I have enjoyed the Onion since way back when it was still in Madison WI, and because I have only ever really had the nickname B in the greater much more real world. Nevertheless, b.smoove has not always nor genuinely fit well to my mind, and more than a few people never really grasped the slangy "smooth" in the name, but nevermind. He's gone now.

AdeptiCon weekend was illuminating for a litany of reasons, but mostly because I met so many people that I already "knew" from the internet. Moreover, I was often at a loss reciprocating when I encountered personalities from the webs unless that individual politely referenced his other moniker. Brent is kind enough both to use his real name and to post images of himself, so there was no hassle on that end. I knew Papa JJ from last year's AdeptiCon, and I was able to guess that Gabe is, in fact, DrGabe, but after that I needed a lot of help greeting people that I semi-regularly correspond with and otherwise should already know. It got a little weird after a while.

So. Hi. My name is Brian. The pleasure is all mine.


Warhammer39999 said...

Hi Brian.

Tallarn said...

Hello Brian, nice to meet you!

Allan and Carmen said...

Hi Brian,

Got to agree. I use my name on all gaming forums when I post. The Internet is impersonal enough as it is.

It is great to put real names to posters in this great hobby of ours :)

Happy Gaming,


The Angry Lurker said...

Hi Brian, my name is Francis.

Porky said...

I did a double-take when I came for the link, but we've known for a while. It was always fun, like knowing the name of the teacher at school. But this is better, more open.

Would you believe me if I told you my real name was Porky? It's been a hard life. I used to be p.freely.

Only joking. I'll cast aside the snout one day I guess. For now it keeps the paparazzi at bay.

Student Teacher said...

I shall miss you B. Smoove.

Nice to meet you Brian.

The Inner Geek said...

Howdy Brian, my name is Brian. I can see what you mean. When I finally do make it to a con or some sort of thing, I don't know if I'll be able to tell people my name is The Inner Geek. I'm not sure I can say it right now with the doors and windows shut and no one else in the room.

Maybe we should all do a post with our real name and a pic... something nice, not too photoshopped, a glamor-shot maybe?

Larry said...

Brian ... the babe they called Brian
Grew ... grew grew and grew, grew up to be
A boy called Brian
A boy called Brian

He had arms and legs and hands and feet
This man whose name was Brian

Alex said...

When I first started my blog I was going to use a nomme de plume that I used when I was in college publishing comic strips in the alternative campus newspaper. I scratched the idea much for the same reasons as you have.

TJ Atwell said...

I feel your pain. Last year, was no big deal for me, but this year, with our contest and everything, I got really tired of introducing myself as "T.J. - or Old School Terminator from DFG"

I did get an actual Old School Terminator model from a fan though, but I still feel silly being nearly 30 and called by a silly name .... so Long Live Brian!

Karitas said...

Hi Brian :)

It's a very good point, and one I've wrestled with myself.

I've used this name for years in online gaming, way back from the early days of UO, theres a tale attached to why it was this name and not others, and maybe if I eschew it as you have done, I'll relate it, but that's not my point right now.

My point is, that I, like you am a teacher, and I've always in my online gaming, felt the need to insulate myself from my RL name in case I encounter a student.

Maybe thats not so relevant with the blogsphere, as several of my studets know about it already, but at the time of sign up it was just an automatice response, when the internet asks you who you are.. you say "Karitas"..

damn you for making me think :)

Mordian7th said...

Wow - I was worried seeing the post title in my blog feed! "Noooo, B. Smoove is done with the hobby?!" Glad to hear you're still going to be cranking out the awesome content!

A few years back I ended up having to change my RL name to Joel, as I was tired of explaining that my parents named me Mordian7th... :)

Mr Saturday said...

Hey Brian, a pleasure to meetcha.

Brian Carlson said...

Brian, I know how that goes. For the longest time I went by my posting name CptnSnuggles on AWC (and RTS games). Figured it was time to go with the real name to keep the confusion out!

The Eye of Error said...

Hey Brian. I thought the same thing Mordian 7th did. Whew what a relief.

I always get some silly comments about my name too. I like the Acronym Old School Terminator gave me once "LN5" sounds way better.

Splinter said...

Hello Brian,

Tallarn's real name is Pat. :P

Don't listen to a word he says.

I'll be in the corner hiding...


warhead01 said...

Yes it can get a little weird..
On half of the forums I use I am uberwolve and on the other half I am warhead01..
But my name is Steve.

it's kind of like being tri polar..

Messanger of Death said...

Hello Brian. *waves*

BaBuGames said...

Hello Brian!

I think you did the right thing. next adepticon "Brian"will be a household name and you might change it back to B.Smoove so you can enjoy incognito...But seriously, wise descicion.

I'm warpaintguy but I sign every post, mail and comment with my real name "Seb".

Nice to meet you.
(how come I already knew your name is Brian??)

TheKing Elessar said...

I plan on getting TKE-shirts printed to prevent this problem.

I will also get jeans with 'Call This A Refused Flank?' printed on my buttocks.

Too raunchy? :P

captcha: Pedro. No joke. I had to stop and check, I was sure my fevered brain invented it...

MIK said...

Heya Brian, good on ya, it really does make things easier doesn't it?

Mark said...

Hey Brian, I think you might be starting a trend here. Sort of like when we found out Kramer's first name was Cosmo ;)

Von said...

'sup, B.

Von's still what it says on my coffee mug.

Sidney Roundwood said...

Hi Brian,

I think I'll stay as Sidney Roundwood online ! It started a long time back as the nickname "Sid", and eventually got longer...

I like to keep business and hobby separate, but it does get a bit confusing. I'm entering a painting competition this weekend....do I go as Sidney...or as.... :)

Papa JJ said...

I always liked that your online name was also an injunction, or perhaps even an appeal to be mindful of one's demeanor. Nonetheless the switch is a good one I think. So farewell to B.Smoove... and hello, Brian!

Brian said...

Well. My goodness. I never expected after a year+ of blogging that this post would receive the most comments of any. Go figure.

Thank you kindly for the support. Genuinely, it means a good deal to me.

I should mention that I have enjoyed the "smoove," it just got a little awkward and disingenuous when I was obligated to press that self-imposed nickname into real world service. Had I never gone to AdeptiCon and never met other real people with real names, I would still be smoove (get it?). As such, I'm not advocating that anyone drop his/her pseudonym -particularly not the organic, the meaningful, and the hard-earned ones. It's just that the smoove was none of the above (just stolen from a satirical newspaper) and felt rather strange when called upon to bridge the gap between the webs and genuine, face-to-face communication.

So it goes.

I won't aggrandize my decision by pretending that anyone will be compelled to follow my lead, but if the thought has crossed your mind, please (I implore you) don't. I sincerely hope that you keep your varied names, as they are rich and imaginative and our hobby community is more quirky and interesting for them. Mine has just become impractical.

Colonel Kane said...

Hey Brian!
I've been thinking of doing something similar for a while, so I may well follow your example :-)

Jwolf said...

I've always used Jwolf, just because it's easy and Wolf is the identifier that I've taken most of my life (John / Jon is a rather common name).

And I always recognized the B smoove from the Onion; one of my favorite recurring bits. Good advice on relationships!

Bix said...

But you can't be Brian...'I'm Brian and so is my Wife!'

Sorry Larry's little ditty just brought it all back. On a purely selfish note I fully embrace the change; it's a couple of less letters to type when doing all those links to your site and I never could figure out if it should be a capital b. ;o)

Although beware the denizens of Chaos, they seem to like putting real names into their daemonic speed dial.

Brent said...

I'm a trendsetter I am!

Seriously, since it's rather silly to try and take credit for EVERYTHING you do, I've never regretted my decision to use my real name.

The primary reason is I refuse to hide behind the anonymity of the internet; I stand by my positions, right or wrong.

The second is the one you've come around to... how can I be an attention whore if I have to introduce myself as LazerManBreath or something like that?

Brian makes it easier!

Brian said...

@ Jwolf. Smoove B. I think you are one of the few that actually recognized the reference. Well played, sir.

@ Bix. duly noted. Cheers, old chap.

@ Brent. If only I had a position to defend... say, you don't happen to have a few spare sitting around. I'm not sure how else I'll ever appear on FNIF without one.

Also, I really like the LazerManBreath idea and may "borrow" it as unceremoniously as my previous moniker.

Ciao for now,

Wyatt said...

Lazermanbreath is probably the best pseudonym I've heard.

I'm Wyatt, but most people know that already. With some luck I'll be joining Gabe in the "Dr." Ranks.

-Wyatt (Paintraina)