Saturday, April 16, 2011

On the Table p.1: Orks

As I ease my way back to 30mm painting, I would like to take stock of where I stood when I left off –which was somewhere in January before the arrival of baby-number-two and before the run-up to AdpetiCon table madness.  That feels like a very, very long time ago indeed, and I am really quite excited to bring my attention back to the loitering and patient projects on my workspace. There are many. As we move forward by returning back to that space, I hope to clarify the exact nature of those projects, and what I have left to “finish” each.

So back in January, I was in the throes of an Ork-tastic expansion, as my modest assortment of AoBR Orks transformed into two, then three, distinct Warbands for Killzone… and then congealed once more into a fledgling proper 40K army.

If you were wondering, by the by, Dr. Dakkasteef and Gutgrope Grotshank got off to a promising start against Joe and Chris a few weeks back, but a T5 Plague Marine, a Chaos Terminator with violence on his mind, and Joe’s exceedingly accurate Deathwatch brought my ambitious but oft-losing Orks to their knees. Next time!

As Frozen Joe will testify, I am still learning this army. With me, it is always a process –a slow process. Joe was kind enough on more than one occasion to help me with the mechanics of my own codex when we played at AdpetiCon. Moreover, Joe has bravely volunteered to help me dip my toes in an entirely new (to me) game system… but more on that later this week. Joe is brave. And patient. Cheers, sir.

Well. Here is where I stood/stand with the Ork expansion. I have completed (pictured throughout this post):

1 Warboss
10 Nobz
1 Mega Nob (with another blister waiting, but better get that metal while it is hot)
10 Boyz (two big shootas) and a PK Nob
1 Burna Boy (with 4 more nearly finished)
3 Koptas
3 Killa Kans
1 very old Trukk
an assortment of Grots or Gretchin or what-have-you with two Gunz (?) and a gaggle of Squigs

All in all, I suspect that I am somewhere in the 1000-12500pts range, although I have not yet done the proper sums on this one. There is always time for that once I have finished painting as I will and want. 

This leaves a New Trukk (primed but not touched otherwise), between 10-15 more Nobz of various composure, and a very important Deff Dred challenge from Fester all of which still require my attention. I have not forgotten about that inspiring challenge, good Fester, and intend to get back on it forthwith (a rare opportunity for an even rarer word).

Naturally, said attention will not be of the undivided variety; see you Monday for "On the Table p.2" and the next pressing but patient project on the bench.  

If you have been on the internet this last month or two, you will not be surprised by this one. 


Grizzled Gamer said...

Looking forward Brian to see what you do with the orks.

Once upon a time, I avoided power armor, now, I see to be constantly playing it and constantly being drawn back to it.

However, I am getting ready to make my own fray into the Xenos again. So, I shall shamelessly see what you do and use it for ideas.

Porky said...

I've said it before, but I'm stunned anew every time: that painting style is just amazing. The skin and the metal are done to perfection, and the colours and mottling are very suggestive, of an alien world of unusual creatures, materials and light.

Unknown said...

I love your aged bronze paint jobs do you have a recipe for this?

Karitas said...

Nice coherrent looking bunch you've got there.

I'm nearly done with my guard, and I'm going to have to decide soon wether to focus on my wolves or orks next. :)

Mike said...

As always when I see your paint jobs and then look at my own I want to cry. Great work sir your a constant inspiration.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yes, 'Gunz' iz korrect!

Those things tend to be ignored till around turns 3 or 4 when your opponent finally realizes that they've been doing him serious damage while the the units in his grill have been holding his attention.

Glorious paint jobs as always sir, you are the envy of us all!

Wyatt said...

I would say your points total assessment is correct.


Brian said...

@ Mags. I'm not sure if this is what you were planning, but KZ is a superlative way to dip your toe in the Xenos water... ha.

@ Porks. You are too kind, mate. Far too kind. Cheers.

@ Muz. Have gander at the "recipes" tags link at the right. If you don't find exactly what you are looking for, let me know and I will make a post specifically.

@ Karitas. I've been enjoying the Orks more than I imagined possible (and your IG look smashing, by the way).

@ Mike. Thanks. No tears.

@ Da Cheef. I somehow knew that you would pitch up with the answer, and fine insight as well. Gunz 'tis. I'll need to get some more of those, I imagine.

@ Wyatt. Give or take a few thousand? I'll leave that typo just the way it is...

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Brian, I challenge your Orkz or any other army. Do you think you have what it takes to face Skarvald the Troll-faced?

Brian said...

@ Skarvald. I accept.