Sunday, April 24, 2011

On the Table p.2 ½: The Book Wardens

We left off Friday wondering what a new and improved version of the Book Wardens might look like. 

This is where inspiration part two struck home and perfectly timed to meet the GK codex release. While building the Killzone tables for AdeptiCon, I was constantly trying to imagine the circumstances and history of this increasingly tangible place -foot by foot, table by table. Where/When possible, I enjoyed imagining these otherwise unnecessary details because it helped me invest in the actual “labor” part of the hobby, and it was a nice place for my mind to go while working.

The sixth table in the sequence is perhaps one of my favorites. The color scheme arrived mere days before the actual event and, while rough in spots, I found these interiors to be one of the places my eyes continually wandered during the event. What is this building exactly? Why the columns, and is that some kind of altar? If so, to what is that altar space dedicated? Who lives/works here? Is the building administrative or religious or both? Given several more weeks, these are the kinds of ideas that I would have hoped both to evoke more fully and to answer potentially with some manner of visual reference.

And lo. The Book Wardens live once more. Table Six, I have decided, is the entry to the aforementioned (but still anonymous) Inquisitor’s compound –or rather the compound that houses one extremely significant branch of his Library… as well as his personal Chapter of tending Scholars and Librarians: The Book Wardens.

These are the first draft of the new Book Wardens. I expect the colors to change significantly, and I still have a decent amount of experimenting before I settle, but it is a start.

I should add that their brethren (those of the red and grayish variety) were destroyed some years ago in a catastrophic attack on their wing of another scholastic repository (knowledge begets heresy, yadda, yadda). Alas. Their names have been certainly and diligently recorded in some tome that only Dewey Decimal remembers.

The Book Wardens. The aforementioned mental gesture helped me gather a whole mound of impetus from which I was able to dive fully back into the Inquisition (which was never going to be too difficult in the first place). It is a rare notion, really, to have nearly 100 square feet of table from which to think about an army generally and about 20 of which represents the foyer of their compound. Certainly, I saved myself the need to paint the shining silver and red and black that is the hallmark of the GK, and I also frees myself to think more fully about what this Chapter of Librarians might look like in a tangible manner. Surely, for starters, their coloring would reflect the palette of the table itself: dark hues, perhaps black, and grimy metallics, ruddy yellowish greens where possible, and soft whites when necessary.

So, I dug out these old chaps, popped them off their bases, and pressed them into “test model” service for a fresh chance at tabletop glory (the results of which pepper this post at about 80% completion).  I had forgotten how challenging these models can be to paint… well. I was never pleased with the treatment they received initially, but now I remember the feeling of “oh, another purity sea; where on earth did that come from?” which exceeded my ability and patience the first time round.

Here’s to the next bash at it (so far, I will say that I adore the new plastic Terminators but only really like the gks. That Guy James, however, has produced a superlative series on the convertability of these kits, and I fully intend to take his suggestions on the matter). Unfortunately, I still have no idea how to approach those force weapons.

To round out the something-old-something-new dynamic at work here, I also dug out these extremely interesting bases; moreover, I was really quite pleased to find that, inadvertently, I had already proscribed the colors for those bases within the schemes of the AdeptiCon tables. Tremendous. I love it when a plan that I didn’t even know I had comes together.

It should always be that easy.

There will be a lot more on these fellows to come. In the mean time, long live the Book Wardens…. Hmm. I may have to refine that named. Libris Wardens? I don’t know yet.


Tenzing said...

Nice to see the updates- looking good so far, hope to see more in the future

Just a thought: Serapeum was the name of the Great Library of Alexandria before it was converted, according to Theophilus. and

Brian said...

@ Tenzing. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. That is just the thing need. Thank you very much for the links. Brilliant!

Wyatt said...

The model looks solid but I think there needs to be some more attention to the Nemesis Force Weapons. I do think that yellowish golden could certainly work if that is indeed the direction you intend to take it. There are tons of tutorials online regarding force weapons. I think this picture is something you could achieve :

You could base coat with Iyanden Darksun or beastial brown to Snakebite to sunburst to white. I haven't tried it, but I see no reason it wouldn't work.

Brian said...

@ Wyatt. Two top tips in one thread. This must be a record! Thanks for the link. I absolutely am going to try to emulate this in some capacity. Cheers.