Friday, April 22, 2011

On the Table p.2: not necessarily GKs

… and of course by “Monday,” I meant Friday.

There is quite a lot I could say about the Grey Knights, but you will likely have heard it all by now. As I rigorously detailed in January and February, the Inquisition and Grey Knights to boot have been incredibly compelling from my point of view since I properly dumped myself into this hobby; therefore, I was always going to be a card carrying member with a front row ticket for this particular bandwagon. I might even pull that wagon if properly yoked.

But here is the catch. I have no interest in painting the straight-and-narrow GK, blue wash and righteous zealotry. I tried that years ago and quickly found myself drifting to all that gold you witnessed back in this extensive sequence of posts. I will not be doing that again either.

So. I needed a new way in to the Grey Knight canon and almost immediately found two: one appropriately old, and one compellingly new.

I will talk about the first one today and the second on Sunday for part 2 1/2.

The first notion came to me when thinking about the prevalence of Terminators in this new codex and the fact that every single Grey Knight is, fundamentally, a librarian. I do not really know why this tickles me, but I suspect it is in some small portion due to my own modest role in the Academia.

Nevermind. Remember the Book Wardens? No? Check here for their story in reverse order.

In short: they took their first impetus from an introductory passage to a Ben Counter book that I can no longer remember. In that opening chapter, a focused and lonely servitor is unceremoniously deleted as a collateral casualty by an Assassin charged with “editing” of a particular wing of a particular library. The story then fades to my memory, but that first image has not.  Years ago, I tried (and failed) to represent a Chapter of SM that fulfilled a similar literary function. They were fun for a very brief period, but floundered almost as quickly.

So, I thought about reviving this monastic and literary Chapter of Librarians who administrate and tend to the excruciatingly expansive and wickedly private collection of a Senior Inquisitor (to be imagined named, and generally cobbled together at a later date). So far so good. The image was beginning to resolve itself quite nicely. 

Of course the rigors of literary research and other scholarly pursuits would require at least one Purgation squad armed entirely with Incinerators. 'be rude not to really.
But why this force and why a library? (dunno –excepting that Libraries need Librarians, or is it the other way round?). And what would they look like if not that same old same old. As mentioned, I have no real interest in the blue-silver, a significantly less interest in the color scheme of the above derivative Blood Angel apes. So I went back to the drawing board of inspiration.

See you next time when these old metals are stripped and repainted for a test run at the new Book Wardens.

For those keeping score at home, I will include this postscript in order to bore to explain briefly the two missed posts this week. With work, two boys under two, a lovely wife, some more work, and AdeptiCon soaking up every spare minute of the day, something was bound to give. As it turns out, that something was the sump. so. very. disgusting. We have had some significant water troubles in the past, but this is an entirely new category. With respect to our fine hobby, it was a modest delay to my return to 30mm painting.With respect to the household, we are drying out nicely with fingers crossed.

Priorities. One must have priorities.


The Dark Templar said...

Good to hear you've come through the domestic troubles in one piece!

Life does tend to decide on the most choice moments to land troubles like that and all you can do is deal with it.

A couple of missed blog entries is pretty insignificant in the wider scale of things I'd think we'd all agree. Having said that, it's good to see you back mate – we missed you!

Porky said...

Such good work. That terminator in the doorway is one of my all-time favourites. Looking forward to seeing the drawing board.

Sorry to hear about the water too. I don't know how bad it got, but I know it has the potential. I hope it's all fixed and stays fixed.

Da Masta Cheef said...

I believe that the Ben Counter Book You're referring to is either the first or more likely the 2nd. (the 1st book in which they started out as renegades) Soul Drinkers novel.

The Inner Geek said...

I used to have a homemade T-Shirt with a print of that Terminator coming through a door with an assault cannon picture. It was my (un)lucky Space Hulk shirt!

On the subject of fluff... You know how the Custodes protect the Emperor, right? What if the Librari-a-natus protected sacred and censored books of the Imperium? They could be excused for leaving their home because they are always out following leads on lost books... and collecting the grimdark late fees of death.

Just my thoughts.

Brian said...

@ Dark Templar. Amen.

@ Porky. Thank you kindly. So far. So good. It's raining today, so fingers are crossed. We shall see. If I am not around in the coming week, you'll know why...

@ Cheef. Cheers. I would have spent a very long time trying to figure that one out. It has been a while and I don't always keep my books around. They are a bit of a guilty pleasure really. Perhaps it is time for a re-read.

@ Inner Geek. Solidarity with that luck business. And nearly spit my coffee out when I read "the grimdark late fees of death." Classic.