Sunday, May 8, 2011


To begin, I must insist that there is absolutely no correlation (real, implied, imagined, or even mischievously insinuated) between this WIP image of a warp-spawn monstrosity and the celebration of motherhood on this fine Chicago afternoon. 

He is simply what I have on my desk this morning. Quite a decent amount of work remains for this new DP in Pitmann’s now overflowing contingent of Iron Warriors. The red color needs both depth and highlights. The sword is mostly untouched, as are the wings. Still, I am enjoying the rather straightforward approach of this model and the relative comfort of its realization.

Naturally, I also have the second wave of Warmachine on the bench. Despite my tribulations with round one, I have found the second effort much less arduous (with one exception –there is always one), and my enthusiasm for the game continues to grow steadily.

…and then the Grey Knights, who are yellow.

…and I have not even mentioned yet two other hobby projects currently on the books. Good times ahead. I promise.  

There’s a lot in the pipeline at the moment.

On Tuesday, however, I intend to start a new and grand regular series based on something like a top ten list according to me. See you then for more.


Dameon Green said...

Looking good!
I envy the time you have for the hobby!

Big Jim said...

Nice! I have a thing for red skinned Daemons, I cannot wait to see him finished.


Mr Saturday said...

Sounds like a full and happy hobby schedule!

HOTpanda said...

The mothers day joke really made me laugh but the steady stream of chaos from your work bench is impressive. is always looking forward to your posts.

Von said...

Yellow Knights. Hee.

Brian said...

@ Dameon. Thanks. I should mention that I do not watch TV or play video games. That has helped my productivity levels immensely.

@ Big Jim. Cheers mate.

@ Mr S. It keeps my busy, to be sure.

@ Panda. Thank you. I have taken the liberty of adding your site to the roll.

@ Von. Plenty more from them.

Brian Carlson said...

Beautiful job on the Prince. I really like how you're working up the reds.