Monday, June 27, 2011

FAARIS IV: Campaign Glory

++edit: for some reason beyond my abilities to comprehend, the first efforts with these links had been re-routed by google translator. I have, therefore, reattached new links to the Italian original. If, by chance, you don't speak Italian, you will need to click on the English Version tab at the right (and adjust if/as appropriate). After that, Bob's your uncle.++

Perhaps the greatest single characteristic of this whole blogging business (in my humble opinion) must be the manner in which the blogosphere intersects a genuinely stunning array of talent from across the planet.
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I can think of no better example of this particular characteristic than Grande Maestro. He is an Italian blogger (though you can read his blog with the help of google translate –and I have take the liberty of doing so in these links) and he is a talent extraordinaire.  Some of you might remember that I mentioned his very cool, very beautiful PWORK in a post from some time ago.

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The real matter here, however, is the FAARIS IV campaign that the one and only Grand Master has recently launched. This is only the latest in a series that he has assembled over the years, but this most recent campaign has unquestionably reached new levels of class, beauty, and sophistication. Again, check out the campaign here. At the present, it is designed largely as a “national” campaign; having said that, this kind of excellence deserves global attention …and perhaps participation if you are willing and able. Certainly, I would encourage you to do so. A greater network can only make this event more and more and more dynamic.

I should also mention that, in a lovely bit of inter-connectivity, the PWORK also supports this FAARIS IV campaign. Check out the downloads here.

Just beautiful. How about that blogosphere. How about that. Enjoy. 


Porky said...

I'm seeing the PWORK for the first time and I'm bowled over. Outstanding. Those floorplans are incredible, classic Space Hulk.

The destination for the PWORK link may need to be switched though - it's taking me to the main page.

Brian said...

Cheers mate. I think that I have fixed the links, but one will have to click on the translator for oneself. Alas. Technology has beaten me once more.