Friday, June 10, 2011

WarmaHordes: Menoth progress (p.1)

A few weeks back, I was able to cobble together an afternoon of hobby glory with Chris and Joe. These photos have little to do with that afternoon, but I neglected the camera on the day. Instead, I humbly submit images of my progress with the Protectorate for your perusal while I mostly discuss that afternoon.

Once more, Joe was both kind and patient enough to put me through my paces with the Warmadynamic. The dude abides.

This particular afternoon was a double-boon: I was able to play games three and four of my budding new career, while Joe kindly put the Hordes into the WarmaHordes equation for me. He plays The Circle of Orboros.

As one might expect, I got it handed to me on both occasions… but Joe was tolerant enough to give me a glimpse in the first game and I suspect that I may have actually surprised him in the second. Either way, a gentlemanly and sporting tip of the hat to Joe for not clubbing me to death in the early turns, of which I am sure he was capable.

Game three: Kaya and Laris put me through my paces. This game was all about learning the Hordes dynamic –which still eludes me in many significant respects, but then I needed to start somewhere. I was quite interested to watch the different mechanism with regard to whatever Focus is for Hordes (Fury, I believe?), and I was also keen to learn the tricks of each new faction in this fluffy new world; the Shifting Stones in particular, kept my boys at attention. 

I will admit both to rust and to inept casting. Several moments in this game left me scratching my head and rather stupefied: what does one do with all the extra focus in early turns? Surely there is something useful to do with it… no? Where should my choir stand so as to produce something worthwhile and not interfere in the rest of the action? How do I best use their abilities? and so on…

These answers will come to me in time, I am certain.

In the mean time, I must concentrate a bit more on some silly mistakes I made out of pure neglect and unfamiliarity: activation sequencing, synergy (I like that word), and/or cooperation, as well as the allocation of focus I mentioned earlier.

Again, time. 

The Choir, pictured above, was great fun to paint, though I still have some work left with the eyes, beads, and perhaps a few other touchups. Joe recommended the unit early on in my Menoth endeavors, and while I have yet to make them perform properly on the table, they at least look decent while loitering around a bit then getting mashed. 

I have likewise, really enjoyed the Light Warjacks in the force and, after a bumpy start in game one, I have had some decent success with them. And I like the way they look. Of course, the real joy is in those hulking monstrosities, who you will see much more of next time when I discuss Game four.


The Dark Templar said...

Great looking models you're developing there – and nice photography setup!

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

They look sweet. I love the gold/bronze/yellow/verdigris combo. But..
It's all about KHADOR!

Simon said...

Your models are looking great! Would you mind sharing your bronze recipe? I have such a hard time painting that color.

Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

Superb colour scheme, wonderful minis, well done!!!

HOTpanda said...

Killer colour scheme as it really makes the models pop. I love the scroll work that you have done as brings a depth to models that just pulls me in. I think they are poster that state that Skarvald the Troll-faced is wanted dead or alive.

Lord Siwoc said...

Well done indeed! May they bring justice to the gaming table!

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

@HOTpanda: They be wanting me so bad they'll die from the need to have me! :)

Brian said...

@ Dark Templar. Cheers. More to follow. You'll be sick of seeing these guys by the time I am done.

@ Skarvald. Challenge accepted.

@ Simon. Absolutely. I would be happy to share. I need to glue the next round of models, etc, but look for the recipe post in about a week.

@ Dr.W. Thank you.

@ Panda. Ha. and thank you for the kind words.

@ Lord S. I fear they are more likely to perish in the attempt, but that's not to worry about really. Cheers.