Sunday, June 12, 2011

WarmaHordes: Menoth progress (p.2)

As mentioned in the previous post, a few weeks back Joe was kind enough to put me through my paces for my third and fourth game of WarmaHordes. These photos merely display my painting (and photographic) progress while the text talks about those games. On to the good stuff.

Game four: Joe switched gears entirely and gave me a different look with Kromac the Astonishingly Brutal. We also upped the points a bit, which gave me the opportunity to field two Heavy ‘Jacks in one game. That was a lot of responsibility for a novice like myself, and I regret to say it showed.

In fact, I made a remedial and quite critical “facing” error in this game that allowed Joe to sneak furtively around my flank and crush one of my heavies. It is a lesson learned in the only painful manner that would likely make it genuinely stick.

While I did tussle a few Warpborn Skinwalkers in that game and even managed a good stab at Kromac himself with my Repenter (again, loving those Light ‘Jacks), in the end Joe’s Feral Warpwolf charged me down, minced one of my Heavies, cut a path through the Choir that was “shielding” Kreoss, and gutted the unfortunate caster without ceremony or circumstance.

It was certainly one of those, “oh look, you lost” turns that we mentioned from my first posts on the Warmadynamic. So it goes.

Never worry. The day only left me itching for my next bash at it all.

Moreover, I have made some considerable progress in dealing with the PP “plastic” that is not really plastic, and feel quite comfortable with the stuff at this point. The Heavy pictured above, for example, went together with the kind of ease that I have come to expect (demand? have I become that spoiled and/or jaded?) while working with GW plastics.

I wanted these new 'Jacks from my second starter set to look distinctly related to Amon Ad-Raza rather than dually compatible with Amon and Kreoss, and I did this by simply emphasizing the turquoise-ish color in both of the Raza ‘Jacks. I also wanted the Heavy to look distinctly more worn and cranky, as if the old codger had been exposed to the elements with greater regularity than his more righteous twin. Perhaps he got tangled in that flailing chain here or there.

As for Raza, I have not placed him on the tabletop yet (Kreoss still runs the show), but I have enjoyed tremendously the work on him thus far. His skin still needs some smoothing and whatnot (left shoulder, I am looking at you), and there are other details that could be treated with more care and attention (eyes again); still, he is good enough to stand on a tabletop and swing that chain around for a wink. Perhaps someday he will get to do more than just that. 


Anonymous said...

I really am loving your colour choice on these Menites; it's rich and religious while staying a long way from the studio scheme.

Pacific said...

Yes it's a lovely colour scheme! The level of detail you have achieved on things such as the eye lenses, and the overall 'industrial and dirty' look I think fits the character of the miniatures perfectly.

HOTpanda said...

Great work on painting. You really make the muscles look like they are about to pop from they strain that they are under.

An Enemy said...

Looking damn good.

Brian said...

@ kaptainvon. Thank you very much. That is precisely my goal -to stay an arm's length (at least) from the studio while also maintaining the general theme. Thank you again!

@ Pacific. Cheers. As I mentioned above, your comments are very much appreciated.

@ Panda. Too kind, my good man. Too kind.

@ An Enemy. Thank you kindly.

The Angry Lurker said...

Good painting sir, really good.

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

You do some excellent work