Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WarmaHordes: Menoth progress (p.3)

So here is the growing gang of zealots all together.

As mentioned, Kreoss is (and will be) my go-to Caster until I actually figure the game out a bit more handily. To bolster his end of the equation, I have purchased some more Menoth plastics… but not those of the Jack variety. No points for guessing. These fellows will be painted in the current Kreoss fashions, and I am genuinely excited just to get them together –which reminds me a bit of how I felt when I first got into this hobby a good while ago.

More on the new plastics soon... along with a Bronze recipe in the mix.

The Choir, as I see it, will work splendidly with either Caster –well, perhaps not splendidly in my hands, but well enough.

As for Raza, he will get a touch more work from the brushes and then take his rightful knee on the sidelines until I get myself sorted in this game. I do not expect that his end of the faction will get any more attention in the near term, but expect that a Vassal of some description will find a way into the Razian force eventually.

Finally, with the second plastic starter kit, I have another Kreoss in the wings. I have been toying with the idea of really sitting down and taking my time with this model –trying to paint a bit more slowly and certainly more deliberately and with the utmost of my ability. It has been quite some time since I really, genuinely made that effort. Genuinely. Without doubt, the model deserves it and, well, he has little else to do on my shelf.

We shall see.


Simon said...

Bastions? Cinterators? I haven't seen either unit painted up yet - looking forward to seeing what you do with them!


The Angry Lurker said...

Looking forward to more.

Brian said...

@ Simon. Got it in one. Bastions. I have some serious prep work to do with these fellows, but they look so unnervingly cool that I couldn't possibly ignore them for long.

@ Angry Lurker. Cheers mate.

Wyatt said...

The backgrounds on the photos can't help but remind me of those school picture day backgrounds.