Sunday, July 31, 2011

HoA: Games Day

I am exhausted beyond my ability to describe, but please know that I fully intend to smother (unashamedly) this blog with images from Games Day as the week progresses. Thanks again to Tall Paul, Skarvald, and FrozenJoe for all the work, time, and effort with assembly, paint, transportation, display, and so much more; it was an epic experience that has left me energized, stunned, spent, eager, timid, enthusiastic, and... again... exhausted. I am uncertain how I could draw the exact feeling more precisely. 

Until I am able to sort through more, please enjoy these first few photos (of literally hundreds) that I have of the HoA project and of the tables. 

Also. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to all of the readers and supporters who have stopped by over these last few weeks. The pressures of putting all this together has caused me to neglect (to some degree) the comments and all the well-wishes for some time now. Please know that all of your kindness and consideration has been greatly appreciated even if I have not always been able to respond directly. Cheers, one and all.



Tallarn said...

Well done Brian!

Being involved in a project that resulted in over $31,000 for a great cause must be an awesome feeling.

Excellent work!

The Inner Geek said...

From one Brian to another the table with the armies on it was epic! I know you have about a million pictures, but I don't think they'll ever do it justice. It was awesome to see.

Papa JJ said...

Stunning... just stunning. Congratulations to everyone involved in this amazing project!

BaBuGames said...
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BaBuGames said...

You've created a Fantastic stage for this great project. You should feel proud and happy with what you've achieved.

Too bad this Games Day was so far away, I would have liked to seen it in person but judging from these pics it looked stunning.

Great work! You may now take a hobby-holliday(for 1 day)


HOTpanda said...

You are with out a doubt a legend in the making.

The Dark Templar said...

Love the finish product Brian. Congratulations on yet another monumental task completed with honours.

Are you like to calm down and paint some figures again, or are they just too small for you now?!

Kuffeh said...

Epic work there dude. All of you have done an amazing job, and those minis deserved nothing but the best tables to stand on and you rose to the challenge.

The Eye of Error said...

Amazing... SImply amazing. I wish I was there to see it in person!

John Stiening said...

Brian, the table was just amazing. I had a hard time focussing on all of the little details, from the minis, and from the table itself. How do you plan to top it next year? :)


Porky said...

With the armies we can see how clever you were at making them playable too. You kept a lot in balance - the concept, appearance, physical structure and the way they'd eventually be used.

You must be feeling pretty relaxed now! I hope you're taking a good long rest.

Joe said...

It's awesome to see stuff I painted on that table.

What an awesome table too.

Hi5! :D

Alex said...

Amazing, great to see HoA end on such a high note!

Mercutioh said...

Golden Daemon winning artist, Brian.... has a nice ring to it :) well done sir.

MWC said...

Anyone get any pics of the Golgotha that we here at MWC built? Id love to see it at Games Day!

Brian said...

@ Tallarn. Thank you. I still can't really believe it somehow. Obviously, we are all proud of the donation, but I am just as inspired by the scope of cooperation and ambition among our own hobby collective. I am pleased to know that we can do good things when we want.

@ The Inner Geek. Cheers mate. It was great getting to meet you properly.

and oh, the wife and I watched the first episode. I am going to have to warm up to this season I think.

@ JJ. Cheers mate. Good to have you back amongst it all.

@ Warpaint Guy. One day came and went with alarming haste. Still, you are correct. The next projects are already calling to me... thankfully, they are 30mm projects for some time.

@ Hot Panda. Too kind, my friend. Too kind.

@ Kuffeh. Thank you kindly. The minis were ridiculous, and to see them all together in one 6x8. Forgetaboutit.

@ LuckyNo.5. Next year?

@ Drathmere. Absolute pleasure to meet you. A fine question you pose? the simple answer is that I have absolutely no idea. None at all. ha.

@ Porky. Cheers mate. I really, genuinely appreciate your comment. You have nailed the exact nature of this challenge on the head; it was a tricky affair, and one with which I can see many necessary improvements, but your encouragement and kindness have been invaluable. As Tall Paul has said, there is always version 5.0...

@ Joe. The sheer breadth and scope of the effort in all of this still amazes me.

@ Alex. Cheers mate.

@ Mercutioh. Indeed it does. I already have my sight set on next year.

@ MWC. The Gargant, correct? I believe he is in the first table photo I posted today. If not, let me dig around. As I mentioned, I have literally hundreds from the weekend.

Thank you, one and all, for the support!!!