Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HoA: Table Progress (7)

Today was somewhere between brutal and shockingly brutal. I am not sure where exactly, but remain confident that the measurement is broadly accurate. The heat index reached roughly 110 F (43 C), which makes for a reasonably challenging day of outdoor work. Tall Paul looked like he had been fried in butter by the time we called it a day (which was early).  I would like to say that, for my part, I still appeared both dapper and gentlemanly, but know better.

Obviously, progress was slow, but I am proud to say that said progress was still quite steady despite the strange extremes of our Chicago weather. With storms on the horizon the rest of this week and Games day looming, we needed to push forward.

To be fair, I had hoped for more. In fact, we were scheduled to put the proverbial “band back together,” as both FrozenJoe and Skarvald were set to make the trip into the city this morning; however, we had at least one hundred and ten worthwhile reasons to put that on pause for a moment. We have planned to get back on the books for a couple days next week, during which we hope to fine-tune these tables –a particular specialty of these two fine fellows.

So. The most important points of interest today were the (more or less complete) installation of the pink industrial wasteland at the top tables and the “ground floor” of the hive on the closest and top right tables. We have also begun to work on the upward movement of the hive, as the levels start to suggest the dramatically vertical thrust one naturally expects from the hivescapes.

Once more, I would like to mention that should you feel sufficiently charitable and in need of gaming table glory, one or more of these tables could be yours. Email me, and we will talk.

More tomorrow.  


The Inner Geek said...

The table is looking completely spiffy!

Sorry to hear about your heat. I hope you can do something about it before Games Day weekend as I'm tired of 100+ degree days... and that's all we have here in Texas. Yes, I'll be up for Games Day. I fly in Friday morning and leave Sunday morning. If you're going to be round and about Friday give me a shout.

Porky said...

The outer edges of a hive are one of those things it's pretty tough to imagine, even after years of reading, looking at the art and pondering, but now we can see more clearly where you're going, the freshness and believability are there. Mixed with the functionality there's an exotic architectural feel, an ancient grandeur and even the sense of a culture. It shows how much the different elements of the hobby are linked, that tables and terrain feed back in to the whole too.

The Eye of Error said...

I really really dig the multi-levels of this board. Looks like it will be very dynamic to game on!

The wasteland is always a nice touch. Very nice use of PVC parts. :)

Brian said...

@ The IG. Thank you. Friday will likely be a bit hectic for me (what delivering the tables and all that), but I expect to be popping in and out as best I am able. Failing that, I will see you for certain on the day.

@ Porky. Thank you. I have had a very similar experience in my attempts to imagine the edges of the hive. Initially, I was drawn toward the fortress/citadel, but that a) has been done before, and b) felt more feudal than industrial to me. This pushed me back toward the literal imagery of the hive. My goal here has been, from the early stages, to bring some sense of industry and waste to this table. Thanks for your kind words.

@ LuckyNo.5. That has been a balancing act with these. On one end, they are display tables meant to be richly evocative, but really only background for the real prize. On the other hand, they should be playable and dynamic. Those two impulses haven't been as easy to reconcile as I initially thought (-particularly once I got a peek at the number of figures in Dave Taylor's IG force! whoa). Thanks again for your kind words and interest.

Porky said...

The industry and waste are there. I looks like you're managing on the playability front too. I think this project feeds into the dreams of many gamers.