Thursday, July 21, 2011

HoA: Table Progress (8)

Another absolute scorcher today. They tell me this builds character, but I suspect that this is just an aphorism we tell other people for sport. Tall Paul and I got crushed before AdeptiCon with snow then freezing rain, and again now but with 100+ degree mayhem (40+ degree C). Tall Paul and I have decided that if we are to continue with this table building malarkey, we need a workshop –a proper one, with plenty of space as well as both heating and air conditioning, and very thick walls. It seems an appropriate thing to do.

Grumbling concluded.

More slow progress today. We have continued working the architectural elements in an attempt to push the hive upward. We intend to keep all the more ambitious vertical gestures at the back edges/corners of the table in order to help suggest that the hive moves ever more steeply as one progresses inward/upward. Here is to hoping that the illusion works.  I suspect it will.

Today, we had some trouble with the wood glue, as it wanted to dry both before I could work with it properly, and then again as it was drying. The outer areas were hardening so quickly in the heat that it was locking pockets of moisture underneath, causing various spots to remain gummy ad odd while others hardened with astonishing haste. We know better than to paint in this heat and humidity, but I did not expect glue to give such bother.

Top Tip: I learned this one from the odd blister or two and you can apply it just as well to your feet as to your tables. I threaded a needle and ran it through the pocket of wood glue that had solidified on the outside but remained gummy underneath (the texture is really quite like a blister actually). I left the thread rather long and (unlike a blister on my foot, which I would just leave for a day or so) tugged it along every once in a while. The thread wicked out the moisture and allowed the glue underneath to dry without necessitating more dramatic, drastic, and/or time consuming measures. Before it hardened completely, I pulled the thread the rest of the way through and discarded it. We will see tomorrow if this sealed (apologies) the deal.

And there you have it. More tomorrow, then a pause for the weekend, and then the final push to Games Day. Glorious.  

As before, I must mention that these could be yours with just measures of charity and gumption.


The Inner Geek said...

I admire you resolve working in the heat. I wish I had a bit more resolve in regards to the heat as my lawn has needed a mowing for a week now. I'm thinking Saturday morning around 6:30am when it still in the low 90's might be the right time.

Grajo said...

Man, you are working at 40+ C and the table still looks pretty nice.

I´m eager to see the finished thing.

Porky said...

I like where that wasteland is going heightwise. Those sunken spaces will be great to play through and the tunnels have a very tunnelly feel.

Mighty Simo said...

Your table looks epic, I tip my hat to you good sir for your resolve in working through the heat!

Mohaniker said...

I can't wait to see these tables finished. I wish I was able to make it over to the Games Day, these boards and the armies they'll hold will be such a sight! Amazing feat working through the heat, I'd probably melt!

Gotthammer said...

I feel your pain, Brian, I get similar heat here in summer - but it's great to see it coming together and it's looking fantastic so far :)

Brian said...

@ The Inner G. I am sure the neighbors would appreciate the 6am wakeup call. We avoid this one by simply not having a lawn. ha.

@ Grajo. Thank you. I am quite excited as well.

@ Mighty Simo. Cheers. Hat tip acknowledged and returned kindly.

@ Mohaniker. Thanks. The wife has been kind enough to shuttle fluids in our direction as often as she is able. So far, nobody has actually melted... but there were moments.

@ Gotthammer. very kind. Looking forward to these next couple of posts as it all starts to gel properly.

Thanks, one and all, for your support and kind comments.
See you Monday for more!

Brian said...

@ Porks. Cheers mate. Although I have tipped you off already to some degree, your own fine work has had some considerable inspirational influence here. If I can't manage the post this week, I will certainly make one just after outlining exactly how and where.
Cheers again.