Friday, July 22, 2011

HoA: Table Progress (9)

There is not much time left. 

If you have yet to contribute, I recommend that you act immediately. If you have contributed and want to increase your chances now that you have had a proper ogle at the goods, do not hesitate a moment longer. Tick. Tock. 

... and best of luck.

And now for your daily Chicagoland area meteorological update:

On the fifth day, the heavens opened and it rained… a lot.

While the deluge certainly makes a welcome break from the swelter, it is also a bit of a wet rag on table progress (heyo).

So it goes. We have arranged to regroup in force on Monday and to get properly stuck in to the remaining tasks –mostly painting at this point.

Here are a few shots of the industrial detritus. As you will have seen me mention here in the past, I save just about every single bit that comes my way. These lovely piles of junk (see earlier posts for inspiration) have just about exhausted that. This, to me, is amazing. It took years to compile this mess and, when stored on the shelf, it seemed massive.  On a much more massive table, well, the impression is more tactful than overwhelming. I plan to bolster this a bit (most likely with spru) to make the piles more demonstrable.

Naturally, the closest table will be one for the Orks -what with all that wreckage and bitz. I expect the top left table, in these photos, to be for the IG as it currently offers the most unencumbered real estate and Dave Taylor’s force is positively overflowing with both infantry and vehicle alike. Although these details will certainly be sorted on the day, this arrangement would likely place the BA at top right, with the other Ork faction bursting in-and-on to the hive at bottom right.

It’s getting very, very exciting.

More on Monday, as the gears set properly in motion for our final push.  


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is looking amazing. Really great work, a true story board.

Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

This is going to be a great table, I love the display already.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive work!

Porky said...

The colours and patterns on the ash are wonderful, very naturalistic. They're just right for it, straight off the Battle for Armageddon gameboard. The armies and this together are going to take us back through GW history.

D22 Zone said...

This is great! Loved reading it, thanks for updating