Saturday, August 13, 2011

WIP: Saruman of Many Colours

“He who breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom” –Gandalf the Grey

Only about 70% completed, Saruman here has the distinction of being my very first dabbling in the Finecast experience. I have always liked this model (I have one in metal as well as a Starky from yore when Pitmann and I were regular LotR opponents), and I thought it would make a solid, appropriate symbolic start to this new direction. Goodbye metal! Hellooo Finecast.

I have noted with some considerable interest all the whimpering and whinging on the internets with regard to the state of the stuff, and I am pleased to say that my solid, first-hand impression is that the moaning has been massively misplaced (as usual). Go figure. The Finecast material is simple to clean, light, crisp, and a genuinely notable improvement from its metal predecessor. I have, and will, be purchasing more with well-mannered zeal.

Finecast 1. Internet “wisdom” 0.

 My treatment of the model is not ideal, you may note, but he is a first run and daubed purely for the love. It is distinctly unlikely that he will ever see the tabletop …although I would genuinely like to have another bash at LotR. Still, I painted the figure purely for the experience of attacking a single figure with significant levels of attention; it has been a very long time since I indulged that particular pleasure.

To represent this turning of the page, so to speak, I have painted him as Saruman of Many Colours; when young, I was enraptured by Saruman’s treachery (specifically Gandalf’s line quoted above), as well as this quirky, dated snippet from the old animated interpretation. I recall during the scene as it is described in the book, Gandalf notices the shimmering of broken light beneath and within the white of Saruman’s ancient robes before Saruman reveals himself as a ring-maker. With a nod to that idea, I have tried to shade what is essentially a "white"-ish figure, and specifically Saruman’s cloak, with as many different tones as I am/was able (orange, yellow, green, purple, dark flesh, blue, gray), and a few more after that. It was a decent adventure, and the results are interesting if not exactly wondrous. How appropriate.

“For I am Saruman the Wise, Saruman the Ring-Maker, Saruman of Many Colours!”



Lucas Massa said...


Lord Siwoc said...

Very nice paintjob so far.

jabberjabber said...

Great paint work and a nice use of colour. The base in particular gives a good offset to the cream robes.

BaBuGames said...

great painting!

Porky said...

That's a clever idea. It's subtle close up, but clearer from a distance - quite how you pulled that off I don't know, but well done! It's easy to forget just how small the LOTR models are too, which makes this even more impressive.

Imaginary Wars said...

Looks really good! I like the hints of purple that your eye *almost* sees on the edges where Saruman's staff and cloak meet each other!

beat ronin said...

I think that looks great. I reckon the technique of making up an overall effect using many different colours is one people don't use often enough when painting miniatures.

That has so much more depth to it than just white robes.

Brian said...

@ Lucas. Graziemille.

@ Lord Siwoc. Thank you very much.

@ Jabbers. Good to see you again. And thanks. The base was something I agonized over.

@ Warpaintguy. Cheers.

@ Porky. I wish I could say exactly how it happened exactly; I'm just pleased that it worked. Thanks, as ever.

@ Imaginary Wars. Interestingly, the "black" staff is actually green and purple mixed together. There isn't a drop of actual black paint on the model or base.

@ James S. Indeed. I have to admit that I want to try it again as well. ha.