Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rule Bretonnia progress

The first 57 peasant archers are done.

This massive crew represents the sum stock of OOP plastics, yet I may try to scrounge about for a few more OOP figures in order to round out various possibilities. I’m looking at you, ebay. After this deluge, I am also considering some “unit filler” pieces (planted arrows and the like) in order to inflate numbers hither and thither before I go blind.

To that end, I recently stumbled upon an old Errol Flynn-looking individual that I should make the champion for one of these units (though I am reluctant to actually purchase said champion in any given unit of archers. The idea seems unnecessary to me). Of course, I also have those defensive stakes to sort through.

In sum, this motley band was painted in two grand efforts of 27 then 30 miniatures apiece… which I must admit is too many for me. The assembly line process was a little bit like agony at times and, I believe, the end result shows the nature of my compromise. Still, if I approached this many figures in a less ambitious manner, I would likely be bogged down for months or years, and my goal is to have this army up and fully functioning before the holidays. I must simply trust to the fact that where they suffer individually, they suffice en masse, and that more deserving attention will be directly elsewhere once the whole mess takes the field.

With regard to that fledgling Bretonnian force, I am determined for the conscription of 30 men at arms, two units of 30 archers (check), and 10 mounted yeomen to represent the minimum showing from Bretonnia’s neglected classes. Obviously, I must the complement the above with a unit of knights and some hero choice or another –still thinking about that end of the equation (suggestions always appreciated).

I promised myself to complete 100 peasants before starting on the knights… and intend to hold myself to that though I am already clamoring for those knights, on whom I intend to spend considerable time and attention to offset the rough, ready nature of these reprobates.

More soon.


Alex said...

A truly impressive horde of unwashed, disheveled peasants!

As for your request for Knightly advice, I'd say given the current state of the army book, stick with Knights of the Realm for the time being - and be sure to trick them out with a magic banner since each unit can have one. Anything else is too expensive points-wise and you want to save your points for a trebuchet!

GoldenKaos said...


Additionally, Alex, a Brettonian army is required to include at least one unit of Knights of the Realm as it is.

Hoodling said...

I feel your pain, sir. Paint too many models at once and you feel like you're going nowhere. Paint them in small batches and you feel like there is little point to each group, because there are so many more behind them...

This champion you're talking about - I would imagine this is Bertrand le Brigand? Apparently that guy is hard to get nowadays. Hopefully you've got him already.

The Inner Geek said...

They look more than acceptable individually, and bunched up together they look fantastic! Simply horde-tastic!

I know nothing about Brets so I've no sage advice. I've heard the knights to like to ride horses though...

Brian said...

@ Alex. Cheers. Knights of the Realm 'tis for now. In fact, I may just stay there for the duration... hmm.

@ GoldenKaos. Thank you. out of curiosity, would you recommend more than one unit of KotR?

@ Hoodling. You nailed it, exactly the sentiment I was trying to convey. As for the mini, he is indeed le Brigand, and I do have him in hand. Thankfully.

@ the IG. Cheers mate. They do.

Anonymous said...

I have a few of those OOP archers as well as some knights. If you are at all interested you can e-mail me. I live in Seattle, WA. They would be cheap plus the shipping. I'd rather they got some fresh paint and used than sit in the closet.