Sunday, October 9, 2011

For the Love: A New Series

For the Love: Dr McMourning
With this post, I would like to inaugurate a new series/tag in which I discuss the whole, neglected breadth of my hobby intere... ohhhh look. Shiny.

Well, it’s a bit like that.

I currently have at least three different projects at various stages of completion: Grey Knights, Bretonnians, with some Ogre commission work still in the pipeline, as well as a unit or two left straggling from my other armies. Let me be candid. I am not even slightly bothered by the fact that this situation will never improve -ever; there are several more projects waiting patiently on deck, and GW, PP, FF, Mantic, Malifaux, et al show no sign of letting up on their collective onslaught of brilliant games and stunning miniatures. I mean seriously. Dark Eldar. Ogres. It's too much. I am fighting desperately to stay on the happy side of Dreadfleet... but... I don't know. 

So it goes.

To be sure, it’s a great time to be interested in our hobby.

There point here is a simple one: in the midst of all this serious hobbying (ahem), I wanted to find a space for those random odds and ends that I feel compelled to paint purely for the love –hence the title. These are not my greatest efforts, nor my most worthwhile. Often, they are springboards from which I find new recipes, revise old recipes, blunder shamefully, or refine a technique or two, and/or simply indulge myself.

They are fun. They are isolated. They are accomplished in those moments between the flow of those other, bigger, hobby tides.

These random assortments invariably represent the purest, simplest form of my hobby compulsion. Rarely do any of these figures see proper action on the tabletop, remaining instead permanent fixtures in the margins of my hobby world. Some have even gathered their own corner on the bookshelf.

Solidarity, I suppose.

This series, then, is designed to celebrate those lovely waifs. The miniatures that I felt utterly compelled to paint regardless of their use, or their role, or their system, or general greater purpose.

Dr McMourning here fell into my lap after I saw a post on Dark Templar’s site –a fellow whose entire line of posts on Malifaux deserves a proper look if you have not done so already. Moreover, have a gander at his "Malcontent" homemade bases. Glorious stuff. If I weren’t already up to my gullet, Dark Templar would have certainly convinced me.

Well, after just a single glance, McMourning appeared so wonderfully menacing that I couldn’t help but take a crack at him. Even now, when I look at the figure I can almost hear the --snap-- of that glove. And that grin. oh, that grin. Of interest from the painting end here, to me at least, is the revision of my blood recipe, and the new flesh tone that I mixed up in this attempt (I’m not sold on it yet, but if I find it working out well, I’ll be sure to post the recipe itself).

And thus, we begin the occasional look at the odder ends of my hobby odds and ends –some more of which you can see loitering in the background …

More soon.


The Dark Templar said...

Brian, what a glorious miniature!

I had figured that with all your other projects Malifaux would not get much of a look in, but your impeccable taste in miniatures won out again, and what a fantastic job you did with the mad doctor!

…and thanks for the shout out!

Porky said...

The blood effect is eerily real, and the leather close behind. Amazing effect. I love that characteristic warmth in the warm tones contrasted with the shock of the cold blue.

Great idea for a series too. I can't guess what wonders we'll see.

Randroid said...

I love that mini! I need to get one to use as my apoth in Blood Bowl.

Thatguyjames said...

It's critically important to find the time to do small one-off projects like this. It separates us from the grind and opens us up to new possibilities of what the hobby has to offer. Great mini and great idea.

Brent said...


Don't stick to one thing - there's just way too much to out there!

Von said...

So many of Wyrd's miniatures are like that - snapshots that evoke the senses not directly involved in parsing them. The Born on the Bayou box always cheers me up because you can practically hear and smell the little bickering green gits. They're all doing something rather than just standing around looking imposing, and that pleases me.

Brian said...

@ Dark Templar. Keep an eye on your post.

@ Porky. Cheers mate. Some of the rest may be rather tame by comparison (less blood), but indulgent all the same.

@ Randriod. Brilliant idea. I have another conversion that I use as an Apothecary, but you may have just found this guy a spot on the team. Cheers.

@ That Guy James. Thank you kindly. Quite right about those side projects. At times they seem to eclipse my actual projects, but then there's plenty of hobby to go round these days. Let's have more, I say.

@ Brent. Graziemille.

@ Von. Indeed. After reading your comment, I went and had a peek at Bayou line. Wow. Somehow, I hadn't seen these before. Thanks for the heads up.