Monday, November 21, 2011

Necrons: Test Model

Bandwagon. Ho!

(… you didn’t think I was going to miss out on this, did you?)

You might already know this, but I really enjoy painting decaying metal of all manner and variation. I really do not understand it myself, but I find the techniques relatively intuitive and the results quite rewarding –for me anyway. Check out the recipe tag at right to see what I mean. At least half the entries are metallic.

So, with the Necrons new release the choice seemed almost predestined -60 million year old metal monstrosities in a breadth of shapes and sizes? Just try to keep me away. And thus, I always suspected that I would at least dabble with a model or two, for sport if nothing else.

I did not, however, expect to like quite so many of the new models quite so much as I do. The Lychguard are superlative, Deathmarks deviously cool, and Immortals, well, plastic. I am smitten. Moreover, I am tremendously excited for those yet to be brought to the table: Tomb Blades, new Wraiths, I’m looking at you.

For this model, I took my inspiration from a palette that I spotted two years ago at AdeptiCon (2010 shown above). I have no idea to whom the tank belongs (sincerest apologies on that end), but remember the colors distinctly from the team tournament on Saturday. Any help, of course, would be appreciated. Credit where credit is due and all that.

Well. I have always wanted to work with a similar breadth of cool greys and blues contrasted with rusted oranges and rich browns.

That was my basic premise with this fellow. I had a notion that the elite classes for this dynasty would have encased themselves in lustrous white armor to symbolize the purest strands of their nobility and panache, while the humbler classes would be left with increasingly metallic sarcophagi as one moved down the social strata. Of course, all that was 60 million years ago, and nobody looks exactly “good” these days.

He remains a WIP but... so far so good. 

You are unlikely to know that I already own a sparse and haphazard, but otherwise fully functioning, Necron Army. I first assembled a few units in 2004, but then built a force properly as an NPC-type army for a campaign that Pitmann and I ran in 2006. They have sat on the shelf since then.

More on that initial experience, and some more impressions of the new codex next time.

Have I played a battle with my haphazard old army?
Why yes, I have.  

Was victory mine?


Brian Carlson said...

Brian, I really like what you did. I'm half tempted to go back on the models I'm doing "for fun" and make them more decayed. You really captured the look with the cryptek. Nice work!

The Eye of Error said...

Seriously looks amazing!

I always have a love/Hate with Rusty crons. Love them cause they always look cool.

But I hate them cause logically they don't make sense to me...
Like why would a person trade in their body for one that rusts? and even if it did Rust... they have a ALOT of time on their hands. Enough time for a brillo pad and some rust remover...

Regardless your test model looks awesome, and I dig the orange vs. Green energy.

Grizzled Gamer said...

I really like the model. I really think you have captured the look of a tomb world that has just awoken and is preparing to lay havoc and waste to the galaxy.

Porky said...

Now this is a Necron. I'm no real fan of the models, especially the latest releases, and I dislike the overarching concept quite a lot, but this scheme makes them seem very much more attractive.

To answer the worries, there's no need to think of the discoloration as rust. Considering the truly ridiculous amounts of time they're supposed to have been hibernating, the decay could be caused by unexpected changes in the materials, even by fluctuations in levels of the fundamentals of the universe. To be honest, this kind of approach to the modelling and painting seems far less pseudoscientific than the rather over-the-top physics textbook borrowings in the latest codex.

40kaddict said...

Love it, really like the scheme and the execution. It's amazing, for an army that is so predominantly silver/black and green there are so many cool alternatives like this that in some ways makes them as diverse, if not more so than any other force.

As to the rust, I saw a rusty Death Company Terminator squad. Executed so well but really? A Terminator in a squad intent on death, fighting in the worst possible battle against the greatest of odds and he's ended up rusty? They must be so awesome in combat but so lousy in actually dieing a glorious death

Mr.Esty said...

oh wow, oh WOW!
I love that Necron! Dang he looks good.

winterman said...

I am happy you are doing Necrons. I've honestly been patiently waiting for you to post some oxidized necrons and you don't disappoint. The cryptek is very nice.

The rhino in question I believe is Brandon Palmer's of GMM studios.

Look part way down the page for shots of the entire team army Adepticon 40k Team Tournament Army - Cult of Oxydious. He also has a thing for rust, complimentary colors and hazard stripes. You guys are brothers from another mother for sure.

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Brian, I'm seriously digging this Necron? You MUST post more about the way you painted him. I really like the blue-orange contrast. It just feels so.. realistic. Very smooth transition. I just.. I love it!
I'm getting some Necrons from a trade so I'd love to figure out how to paint them.

The Angry Lurker said...

I really do like the new stuff for this army and I am tempted.

psychobob808 said...

Looks awesome!!!

Brian said...

@ Brian. Thanks, my good man. I have been admiring your Necrons, the turquoise in particular.

@ Lucky No. 5. I know what you mean about that love/hate thing. There's a logical hiccup here, no doubt. Still, 60 million years...

@ Mags! To havoc and waste! My Necrons are 1-1. Not bad in my book.

@ Winterman. Thanks for the link! Thanks also for the kind words.

@ Skarvlad. Deal. I've got some free time on my hands come December, and we have a lot of work to do.

@ Angry Lurker. I have been really quite surprised by how much I dig these fellows. And I've been having a blast playing them as well.

@ psychobob. Cheers.

Uncle Truth said...

Hey Brian, great paintjob mate!

I'm usually very dubious about weathered Necrons, but this Cryptek is a beaut!