Friday, November 25, 2011

Special Operations: Killzone v2

I am extremely pleased to announce that Special Operations: Killzone v2 is up and running. You can find the downloads on the Codex Project's site. Big Jim has left up all the different versions as source material and generally for those interested; however, I should stress that the newest iterations -and specifically the beta for those that will be used at AdeptiCon this year- are listed as Killzone v2.

We have spent some considerable time updating some basic rules mechanisms, tinkering with upgrades, re-inventing basic game mechanics like missions and the endgame, and much more. On top of that, we have brought the new codexes (?) into the Errata and tried our very best to close loopholes in the old.

Here is the most cursory rundown of what you can expect:

-Overwatch works better now. Any weapon excepting Pistols can use it, and we have worked out the mechanism for its relation to priority rolls, etc. 

-Pistols may now engage in Defensive Fire, which again sows up a tricky situation created by priority. 
-Model caps. No model may exceed 80 points total. 

-the costs of Themes has been reworked.

-same for Weapon and Skill upgrades. Weapon upgrades, in particular, has gone through a very interesting revision process. 

-we have scrapped the cumbersome mission generation mechanism (and tome) for a method that borrows heavily from a variety of sources. Special Operations Groups now generate a Primary Mission (shared by both players) and both a Secondary and Tertiary Mission (kept secret). These have added a really quite cool dynamic and strategic complexity to our test games.

-The above Mission generation system also folds nicely into the new endgame. You no longer need worry about your team disintegrating old-Necron-style, but instead must keep your eye on the turns as they tick by. No mission can end before six turns, nor last more than 12; however the precise moment between those two depends on the objectives in game.

-the Cards are also being reworked as I type, and you can expect to see more of that here soon. 

Well. That's just the surface area that I have covered here. I distinctly encourage you to drop in and have a go.  

Of course, we are not about to say that this is perfect. In fact, we realize that it needs to be put through the public ringer quite vigorously. As ever with a project like this, I am (we have been) entirely too close to it for entirely too long. Inevitably, I am blind to something that will leap off the page to a pair of fresh eyes. To that end, I will be announcing a brand new competition and giveaway on Monday. So stay tuned for your opportunity not only to participate in Killzone glory, but also to secure a fine bit of swag.   



Son of Dorn said...

I'm excited to play it. My local gaming group was interested in it for a while before, but it wound up being lost in the shuffle. I'm gonna get everyone on it this time. Heck, maybe I could get a local tournament going for it. :)

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Man, that was fast. Too bad none of my Ork suggestions got included. ;P Oh well. We need to talk about things some more. I'm sorry I couldn't make it on Wednesday..

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Nevermind, I'm dumb. Just saw that my suggestions went through! Sweet!

MIK said...

Great! Hopefully the new year will bring more game time to these parts and we can get to it.

Brian said...

@ Son of Dorn. Glad to hear that you are interested. To help matters along, I am going to be holding a contest/giveaway of sorts starting Monday. Be sure to check in.

@ Skarvald. tsk. tsk. Oh, and thanks for the keen eye on the Deffkopta issue. Re-formatting chopped it off somehow.

@ Mik. I hope so as well. Best of luck.

Matt said...

Hopefully this year I can get a game in at Adepticon, looks really excellent