Friday, December 16, 2011

Killzone: Giveaway winner (#2)

Another Friday has arrived with very little warning. Another giveaway.

So it goes.

Though obligations prevented me from promoting this week’s giveaway in the manner I might have preferred (thank you for picking up my slack, Skarvald), the reports have been steadily finding their way to my desktop through all sorts: email, download, and of course the Mission Report tag on the right. ->

All this feedback has been tremendously helpful, and we at the Special Operations: Killzone main office feel that this whole monster is finally quite near to the shape it must take in order to survive out there on its own (and at AdeptiCon). They grow up so fast. snff.

Giveaway? Ah, yes. The randomly generated winner of this fine Zuzzy mat… is…
Craig S.

Well played, sir. Your mat will be in the post directly. Once again, as a token of our appreciation for your kind and thoughtful participation in this grand experiment, we will be sending tokens to all those that submitted a report.

AND for those of you that submitted both weeks, well, we have something even more special in store (unless you contact me to say that you’d prefer another set of tokens). I mustn’t reveal that second special gift, yet, but will quite soon -quite soon- and, once more, all entrants will receive at least this reward for the effort.

And the giveaway for next week.

Wait for it.

Indeed. They can be yours. Brand new. Brand brilliant. Not one, but rather BOTH exclusive Games Day miniatures from Forge World. The marine, in particular, is just tremendous.

You like? The juice is good, no? 

Here’s what you need to do:
Play games.

Again, you earn an entry for every report you submit, so play and play and play as you are able. 

This week’s updates occurred almost entirely in the Errata section. The whole document has been re-formatted for clarity, and nearly every single codex received some specific attention.

Highlights from Errata (we are actively looking for a better name for this book. All suggestions are welcome):

- Upgrades (wargear and skills) have been included in this book as well to facilitate list-building ease.

- Daemon players rejoice. You have a very cool new mechanism for generating gifts/mutations from the chaotic pantheon.

- Tau. There’s a lot of stuff here, I must confess, that I don’t understand. I’m told you will love it.

- Wolves and Orks also got some very interesting attention.

Highlights from Rules:

- The Overwatch modifiers have been clarified as well as the mechanism for ending the game after turn four (I hope this is more clear, anyway).

- The “special weapon” restriction has been unceremoniously dumped, though the 2 Heavy Weapons per team still applies.

More as the week marches onward -much, much more. Again, be sure to download v2.4 as soon as you are able!

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sonsoftaurus said...

Glad to hear it's coming along well!

For the errata section, how about "Need to Know"?