Friday, December 23, 2011

Killzone: Giveaway winner (#3)

Here we are at the third and final giveaway for the month of December.

Congratulations Angus S! These two fine, rare miniatures are yours to enjoy.

As ever, I will be sending a quick email to all those that entered so that I can pass along a token of our appreciation in all of this gloriousness. Everyone wins! (quick clerical note: there were several reports that were not attached to an email address. Ty, Troy, and Josh, please pass along an email with your address(es). I appreciate the mission reports (sound like some cracking close games), and want to be sure that you get your goods).

Speaking of, with the playtesting winding down and the holidays looming rather large, now is the perfect opportunity to step back and admire the progress.

We are thrilled with the playtesting experiment. I cannot think of a single other fan-generated supplement that has endured a more rigorous process of revision and refinement. To put the entire affair in context thus far, we have had a revision over one year ago, the AdeptiCon 2011 mill, more revisions over the summer, v2.0, a veritable storm of playtesting, and now more final revisions...

In all, the final product, version 3.0, will be released January 1, 2012. This is the version that will take us through to AdeptiCon 2012 and into the 6th edition of 40K. From this vantage, I cannot see any prospect in which this monster will be slowing down. Quite the contrary.

As for us here in Chicago, we will be shifting gears to some extent and thinking/working very hard on those 10 3x3 tables for the AdeptiCon event this year. Indeed. We learned a lot about the balance between aesthetics and gameplay last year, and fully intend to put those lessons into practice. Those playing on the weekend will be treated to tables both beautiful to behold, and challenging to play upon. This, I promise.

As for the rest of it, the basic rules are now in a really quite solid shape. Considering that we have generated a way to play the game well outside the scope of its creators’ intention, the whole thing hangs together splendidly. More than a few playtesters have commented how well it works for players with limited space and/or time, as well as for those with a keen eye on the narrative elements of our hobby. 

As importantly, we found that the mission system has been working in wonderfully intriguing ways. The three levels of mission can be, ahem, challenging, and we have tweaked a number of them to be sure that all is well. They genuinely test the mettle of a Special Operations commander, as one is rarely able to fulfill all of them in the allotted time. Resource management is the name of this game. We have made a minor modification to the way markers deploy and work in the game, which will ensure that these play more a more effective role in the proceedings.

As for the rules updates, we have made a final revision to the weapons upgrade that helps curb potential abuses. Although the final manifestation is really quite simple and elegant (Thank you, Joe), it was a real struggle to find this solution. So it goes.  In all, we believe we have found a way to contain mismatched opportunities, while also to keep the game possibilities open and intriguing.

Check it all out come January 1, 2012.

In all, I believe the game as strong now as it can be.


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