Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why I love the Blogoverse (part 2)

II. Sons of Taurus’ unofficial fandex-minidex for SO: Killzone.
I thought of titling this one “unofficiality,” which isn’t much of a word but should be.

There are some lovely layers of quirk at work when our humble, unofficial game can (nay must) produce Codex: Operatives unofficial updates for an unofficial fandex. That’s just the thing on the table when Sons of Taurus approached us with his lovely bit of hobby gold for the Lost and the Damned.

It’s an inspired piece of work.

… and so now there's a Killzone supplement for the same (though not for AdeptiCon. tsk. tsk.). When Sons of Taurus asked us to do this, my first thought was, wow -this game is really resonating in ways I never could have imagined. That's tremendous news, to be candid. As gamers, indeed as a gaming community, I think we are fundamentally entitled if not obligated to take control of our hobby experience. Full stop. If playing an unofficial fandex doesn't fully wet your proverbial whistle, you can take that dex into the grimmest and darkest world of Special Operations. 

I should mention that Sons is part of the The Codex Project, where you will find a heady, caffeinated blend of unofficiality. That is, if you aren’t addicted already. For anyone interested in the less formal, less official end of our fine hobby, this place might well be your spiritual homeland.

For my part, I feel the entire endeavor positively teems with the basic impulse that put the very first spark underneath Special Operations: Killzone some considerable time ago. I say more.  

 Naturally, I have (re-)started a LatD team to round out my already stuffed KZ experience. More on that soon.


Son of Dorn said...

I find it amusing to see how different folks on there can butt heads over how they think a specific faction should be interpreted. Have a great idea for a codex of my own, but saw that the existing version was headed in a hugely different direction.

sonsoftaurus said...

@Son of Dorn - Hey, make it anyways. There's no monopoly on fandexes or fun.

@Brian - thanks for the help getting it nailed down! Look forward to seeing your teams!

Brian said...

@ Son of D. Agreed. I say push forward anyway. Don't mean to be presumptuous, but I'm here if I can help.

@ Sons of T. A pleasure.

Big Jim said...

Great Post and content for Killzone! Sons, sorry I still owe the list a post on GiF, I will get on it next week, then we will stretch out the publicity over 3 weeks!

@ Son of Dorn, make your codex anyway, heck I'd be willing to lend a hand if you need it. Come back onto the TCP forums and lets get to work!

Porky said...

@ Brian - This is a great series. The protests this week only drive home how important this space is in its current form.

@ Son of Dorn - You probably don't need more encouragement, but I'll add my voice anyway, just in case: I say go your own route too. As sonsoftaurus said, there's no monopoly, and we all benefit from a bit of friendly competition and the interaction between ideas.

There's always the option of merger later, for a total of three dexes, two initial dexes and the merged dex. The merged version can be then pushed by the community into far more official use, with even more testing and feedback. Your own dex would then be a proof of concept, and the better that proof the stronger the position in the merger negotiation and the stronger the eventual single volume.

I'll also be happy to help any way I can too, even if only helping get the word out.

Son of Dorn said...

Well, everyone's confidence is inspiring, but it's mostly a question of time. Being a full time student with a family, I'm swamped right now. On top of that, I am basing the designs on Ian Watson's interpretation of the Fists (which I prefer because it gives them an interesting character) and I'm not sure how keen on that people would be.

On the plus side, it's basically a bunch of modifications on the marine codexes that are already established. Perhaps I should throw all of my ideas into a list. :)